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The income tax return form 7 is to be filed by all the Charitable /Religious trust u/s 139 (4A), Political party u/s 139 (4B), Scientific research institutions u/s 139 (4C), University or Colleges or Institutions or Khadi and Village industries u/s 139 (4D). These organizations have to file the form for claiming the exemptions.

Process of Registration


There are various ways that are outlined by the income tax department to file the ITR Form 7 for the taxpayers . They are as follows:

1. The taxpayer can provide return in a physical paper form. These days this method is not promoted by the department.
2. The assessee can provide return under digital signature. This is compulsory for all political parties.
3. You can provide Bar coded return.
4. One can send return data electronically and then submit the E-verification of the return in Return Form ITR-V.
After the filing of the return , the assessee should print out two copies of ITR-V Form. One copy of ITR-V, duly signed by the assessee, has to be sent by ordinary post to Post Bag No. 1, Electronic City Office, Bengaluru–560100 (Karnataka).
The other copy may be retained by the assessee for his record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to file return of income tax one must fill ITR forms which states detailed information of the taxpayer and his or her tax liabilities and deductions.

ITR Form-7 is not filed by an individual, company, HUFs and those who file an income tax return in new ITR Form 5 and ITR Form 6 .

Any person claiming exemption under section 11, or covers under section 139(4A),(4B),(4C) and(4D) can file ITR-7 i.e. AOP can file ITR-7.

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