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We will discuss your new Proprietorship Registration and collect your information to start the new Proprietorship Registration process.


Based on the discussion, we can finalize your new Proprietorship Registration and start the process for further documentation and Registration.


We collect the advance payment and submit the forms for any additional license if required to the department for Registration of your Firm.


We deliver your new Proprietorship Registration along with other MSME, GST* etc. All these process takes as per the Registration required.

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Proprietorship Firm Registration Bangalore

The Sole proprietorship is a type of un-registered Business in India. It doesn’t carry any specific registration.

To run the Sole ownership business in Bangalore, you must get other licenses like Gst, Msme, Labor license, Fssai etc.

Team IN Filings provides cost-effective and on-time delivery of your Proprietorship business set up in Bangalore.

Benefits from Sole proprietorship

As no registration is required, you can start the business immediately with another License as required for the type of your Business.
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Easy to start
As you are the Boss of your business, you only keep business secrets and confidentiality with you. It protects your business ideas.
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Maximum Privacy
Since you are running a single Ownership business, all the business profits are with you only; you do not need to share with anyone.
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Keep all Profit

Comparision of Proprietorship, LLP & Company

proprietorship company registration in bangalore

Documents Required for proprietorship

Proprietor personal documents

Your Pan, Aadhar, photo, Bank a/c NO and IFSC code.

Unique Business Name

Trade Name to be finalized as per your choice.

Business Objective & Capital

Business objective or activities and the capital contribution etc, shall be provided

Office address proof

You need to provide office address along with any one utility bill like Electric bill or phone bill of the place.

Digital Signature

Digital signature may be required for Income tax or PF registration purpose.

confirmation of final

We will share a draft report; once you confirm, we can get it submitted to the concerned office to get your business.

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