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TDS Return is required to be filed by any person who is liable to deduct tax at source. A TDS Return is a quarterly statement which has to be submitted to the Income Tax Department of India. Submitting TDS Return is mandatory if you are a deductor. It should contain all details of TDS deducted and deposited by you for a particular quarter.

Types of TDS Return Filling

TDS return Form 24Q: Statement for tax deducted at source from salaries
TDS return Form 26Q: Statement for tax deducted at source on all payments other than salaries.
TDS return Form 27Q: Statement for tax deduction on income received from interest, dividends, or any other sum payable to non residents.
TDS return Form 27EQ: Statement of collection of tax at source.

Process of TDS Return Filling


1. Return preparation – We will need to receive TAN, Challans and Deductee details from you. These will be processed by us and returns 24Q, 26Q and 27Q will be prepared by us.
2. Filing of Returns – These returns will be filed online. Once filed, acknowledgment receipts will be generated for individual returns. These will be shared with you along with filed returns.
3. Issue – Form 16 & 16A – Form 16 will be generated on a yearly basis if you have opted for January to March TDS filing package. Form 16A will be generated and shared with you on a quarterly basis.

Document Required

1. Your TAN
2. Challans of TDS payment
3. Details of deduction


Frequently Asked Questions

TDS is to be paid by the person who is liable to deduct/Collect tax at a prescribed rate of income tax act known as deductor from the income of another person called deductee. Deductor has valid TAN which is used to quote at the time of making payment using challan 281 of TDS/TCS to central government thru both online as a well offline mode. Online payment of TDS/TCS can be made from internet net banking facility using traces online facility while offline payment can be deposited to a designated bank over their counters.

A TAN registration can be obtained within 10 to 15 days.

You don’t have to worry about the same. Central Government allows rectifying all such genuine mistakes or omissions in filing original return. Kindly quickly get in touch with our team to get a return rectified.

TeamIndia provides TDS Return all across India.

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