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TradeMark Registration in Bangalore

A trademark registration in Bangalore, will give protection to your Business, Brand logo, packaging of goods and of your brand identity from misuse by others.

If you wish to register a Trade Mark, all you need to do is share your Trade name and activities of the Business, we will quickly review and update you for next process of the Trade Mark.

Complete your Trade Mark registration in Bangalore in less than One Day. Brand Registration in Bangalore and TM service.

Trademark registration allows a Trademark (TM) to use symbols or words used to represent a business or the products offered by a business. The Symbols or words employed by a business distinguish the goods or services they provide from their competitors. After registering a trademark, the other business cannot use it as long as it remains in use.

The Trademark applicant can start using the ™ Symbol once it’s registered. The Trademark acts as an asset for the Company or Business; You shall apply for trademark registration to safeguard the brand. The process for trademark registration by India Government is directed with various steps and requires follow-up with the IP Government. Hence, it is necessary to be under an expert’s guidance to obtain trademark registration quickly.

1. Guards the Commercial Goodwill

A trademark’s registered owner has a legal ownership to form, establish and protect the goodwill of his/her products or services. The owner can stop other traders from using his trademark unlawfully. One can also sue the infringer for dilution of the reputation and claim damages for any infringement.

2. Legal Protection

A registered trademark gives its owner a legal right, just in case of infringement. Not registering a trademark may leave the owner of the original brand name with non remeady.

3. Advertises Goods and Services

Registering a trademark is a face of the company or the goods and services. This helps to tell apart and facilitate brand creation. Most of the companies find their identity via trademark hence it pays a pivotal role in advertising and increases the brand value.

4. Creation of an Asset

Trademark registration in India creates an intangible resource. Registered TM will be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted to bring benefits to the business or the individual proprietor.

Types of Trademark

Process of Registration


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Document Required

Registering a Trademark is a straightforward, and also the process are often completed online within 24 hours. Team IN Filings, has helped over thousand trademark applicants to get their Trademark registered.

Here are the set of documents that require to be signed and sent for the online Trademark registration:

Identity proof of the Trademark owner

  1. PAN or
  2. Aadhar Card or.
  3. Incorporation certificate (In case of a Corporate or LLP)
  4. Udyog Aadhar Registration
  5. Logo if applicable and available
  6. Address proof

Frequently Asked Questions

Any word, name, device, label, numerals or a combination of colors that can be represented graphically can be registered as a trademark. The trademark to be registered must also be distinctive for the services or goods for which it is proposed to be registered.

The TM mark can be used along with the trademark once the trademark application is filed with the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.

Any mark which is identical or similar to an existing registered trademark or any trademark for which an application has been made, cannot be registered. Also, marks that would likely cause deception or confusion or are offensive in any way may not be registered.

Geographical names, common names, common trade words and common abbreviation can also not be registered as a trademark.

Yes, a foreign person or a foreign entity can apply for trademark registration in India.

If the trademark examiner sends a hearing notice to the applicant and if there is no response to the hearing notice within 30 days of receipt, then the application is automatically refused. In such a case, a new application needs to be filed.

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