Audit Consultant

Audit Consultant

In today’s fast-paced business environment, finding a trustworthy auditing firm in Bangalore is essential. Renowned for its proficiency in accounting and auditing services, Team IN Filings applies its skills to auditing to guarantee a thorough approach to financial management. Our certified CA auditors carefully review financial documents to give Bangalore businesses a clear and accurate picture of their financial situation.

Beyond the traditional auditing scope, Team IN Filings is a dedicated Tax consultants Bangalore. As strategic tax planning consultants, we guarantee compliance and provide insights consistent with our accuracy and dedication to excellence. Our team collaborates with businesses to optimize their tax positions, minimize tax liabilities, and navigate the complex tax landscape with ease, thoroughly understanding the subtleties of tax regulations such as the Income Tax Act and the GST Act.

Auditor and Tax Consultant in Bangalore

For the past ten years, a team of CPAs, auditors, and tax consultants has offered CA audit services to numerous Bangalore-based businesses.

Your books of accounts and records are examined by Damodharaa R., an auditor, auditing, and tax consultant in Bangalore, to ensure that all recording and reporting is done accurately by the rules.

Damodharaa R is a group of qualified auditors, company secretaries, and accountants that can offer Indian businesses any audit service.

Appropriate auditing aids in legal compliance, fraud detection, and prevention, bolstering your company’s reputation and streamlining your operations. Tax advisor, tax preparer, and audit filer Damodharaa R is in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, over 500 businesses use audit and tax advisory services.

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Team IN Filings is a leading provider of auditor services and Tax Consultant in Bangalore. Our integrated approach ensures that businesses receive comprehensive financial guidance by combining the knowledge of our auditors and CA tax consultants. Our customized services address your unique needs as a startup or an established business, giving you a strong platform for financial stability and expansion.

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Tax Auditor for business in Bangalore

The Income Tax Act of 1961 governs tax audits. The Income Tax Act of 1961 mandates that specific assessments whose turnover or gross income surpasses the 5% threshold for cash transactions be subject to mandatory audits of their accounts. Only licensed accountants are authorized to conduct tax audits. Chartered accountants must carry out tax audits in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Income Tax Act. Even though a tax audit aims to help tax authorities ascertain the correct tax liability under income tax law, we use our wealth of tax audit experience to offer consulting services. Clients file taxes to improve their overall income tax planning.

Statutory Audit from Bangalore

A rule or statute mandates a statutory audit. The laws that apply to the statutory audited organization specify the appointment of the auditor as well as his rights, obligations, and responsibilities. Only chartered accountants are qualified to conduct legitimate audits of accounts.

Audit of Trusts and
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Audit for Public Companies

To conduct audits of Indian banks and public sector enterprises, our auditing firm in Bangalore joined forces with C&AG of India. Government-funded public sector enterprises created by the Companies Act of 2013

The foundation for depending on the individuals in charge of the company, i.e., members of the governing body or governing committee, will be nonprofit organizations and account audit trusts. It aids in safeguarding nonprofits’ and trusts’ assets. The laws and regulations about nonprofits and trusts control how they are examined. Additionally, the Income Tax Act mandates an audit.

Internal Audit

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Concurrent, Internal ongoing Audit

The terms concurrent, internal, and continuous audit refer to the auditor’s regular or sporadic participation in the period’s accounting audit. There will be recurring audits or ongoing audits throughout the accounting year. This does not imply that the audit is conducted around the clock; it is performed at regular intervals, like every two to three months and at the end of the year. We have enough skilled workers to conduct internal, continuous, and concurrent audits on business needs. Through our audit and assurance services, our internal audit team adds value and enhances an organization’s operations impartially and independently.

CA Internal Audit

In between the annual audits, there is an interim audit. Usually, it’s done to confirm legal compliance and find intermediate results. We carry out the midterm as though it were the last Audit for the pertinent time frame. This enables us to advise clients on various matters and finish the final Audit on schedule. We will have enough time to audit the balance sheet thanks to the interim Audit.

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Balance Sheet Audit

In general, an audit of a balance sheet is only carried out if the auditor has reasonable suspicions that an internal control and verification system is in place. A balance sheet audit is the best action when significant transactions occur within a large organization. The audit of the balance sheet, an audit is predicated on comparing items in the profit and loss account that are directly related to the company’s assets, analyzing each item with the prior year, determining the reasons for unusual deviations, looking at ratios like the current ratio operations debt ratios, confirming that all anomalies and non-recurring transactions are natural, and more.

Case Audit

Non-statutory audits are conducted on financial statements that don’t fall under the purview of statutory audit requirements but might be required to satisfy stakeholder or industry requirements. To meet stakeholders’ needs, Damodharaa R Auditor offers non-statutory audit services.



Secretarial Audit?

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Cost Audit Filing

Cost audits are required by the Companies Act for specific mining, manufacturing, processing, and fabrication businesses. To ensure that cost accounting principles and development have accurately calculated the cost of a cited product, a cost audit consists of reviewing cost accounting records and confirming facts. Developing and keeping up with relevant analyses. Damodharaa R helps clients meet the cost audit requirements under the Companies Law 2013 and the management with the aid of a cost audit specialist.

Secretarial Audit by Company Secretary

To verify that the business’s operations adhere to the terms of the Companies Act 2013 and other relevant laws, the practicing company secretary (PCS) is permitted to conduct a secretarial audit. Secretarial audits are carried out to ensure all legal requirements are met when putting the Board of Directors’ decisions into action. To conduct secretarial audits for our clients, we have a group of internal company secretaries in Bangalore.

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Businesses need tax consultants in Bangalore to help them navigate the complex web of tax laws. Team IN Filings is proud to be a dependable partner for companies seeking trustworthy tax consultants in Bangalore. With a thorough understanding of state and federal tax laws, our team can provide strategic advice that aligns with your company’s goals. We are dedicated to assisting companies in optimizing their tax positions while guaranteeing compliance with all legal requirements, from tax planning to compliance.

GST Audit in GST Act

Under the GST Act, each dealer whose turnover in the state of Karnataka surpasses a certain threshold must have an audit of their accounts and submit a GST audit report. To minimize work duplication, Damodharaa R conducts an audit of accounts under the GST at the same time as an audit under the Companies Act 2013 or the Income Tax Act 1961.

Service-tax Audit

Before the introduction of GST, India’s service tax levied indirect taxes on a range of taxable services. The Service Tax Department chooses which cases to inspect for service tax and performs audits to look for instances of tax evasion. The auditor will organize a service tax audit for revenue using sophisticated auditing techniques and a computer-aided audit program. The central tax officer can appropriately evaluate service tax and related tax revenues under Sections 72 and 73 and recover any taxes that have been overpaid or underpaid. The service tax experts at Team India will work with the service tax department to facilitate the conduct of the service tax check and will support the administration of the service tax check in Bangalore.

Auditor advisors near me Bangalore

In addition to traditional accounting services, Bangalore’s Team IN Filings has emerged as a one-stop shop for companies looking for auditing, tax consulting, and tax audit services. We have established ourselves as the go-to partner for companies in Bangalore, navigating the complexities of financial management thanks to our dedication to accuracy, performance, and unmatched support. Select Team IN Filings for an experience that knows no bounds and guarantees your company succeeds in the cutthroat market.

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Bangalore’s top tax advisors were ranked as top CAs in 2022. Damodharaa R is a tax and legal advisor in Bangalore; Roc filing; CA office and company advisor; Damodharaa R auditor; Team IN Filings.

Auditor Damodharaa R leads Bangalore’s top team of reputable tax consultants. We offer both personal and business tax planning and advisory services.

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Bangalore-based ITR Income Tax Consultant. Locate service tax issues, tax accountants, GST registration consultants, tax consultancies, and tax advisory services.

Our professionals handle all areas of accounting and auditing, making us one of the best Auditing firms in Bangalore and a leading startup advisor in Karnataka. Contact us today at 7019827351

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Damodharaa R, Auditor and Tax consultant is one of the best Online Tax Return Filing Advisor in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore. Damodharaa R is listed as Financial Advisor, tax advisor, Ca service in

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“We are usually get the services from other big Audit houses with stress and tears, but Prakash CR, Auditor banglaore really loved the establishment setup and advisory on the post compliance process and was calm for the first time. I will definitely recommend.”

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