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Team Trademark Registration Bangalore is a Trademark Registration office, giving free Trademark Search 100% online and Trademark Registration services for the last 10 years. Get your Trademark registration in Bangalore, it’s 100% online. Free trademark search from Team Trademark expert. for no charge!

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Team Trademark office Bangalore is a Complete Trademark Registration in Bangalore with support of e filings, Trademark replies, oppositions, and trademark Renewal.

    Team Trademark Search to Registration

    Team Trademark is an Intellectual property (IP) office, servicing for the last 1 decade in Bangalore for giving reliable Trademark Search and Trademark Registration services . please try for no charge!

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    Any Business that wants to protect its business from misuse or from its rivals must have a Brand for its product or service. Trademark is the business identity which is legally called a Brand.

    In India Trademark has been administered by the IP Trademark office, which facilitates Trademark search to registration as per Trademark Act 1999.

    Team trademark office Bengaluru gives intellectual property Trademark related services to more than 1000 Businesses in Bangalore. We are registered with the Intellectual property office as Trademark Agents. please try for Trademarking search and Register easily!

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    We are a Trademark Agents office (TM). we are Providing IP-related Trademark Registration services in Bangalore.  We as a Team of Trademark experts in Intellectual property Law, TM research, Trademarking advisory, and Intellectual property (Trademark) rules and regulations. We are practising the IP Law and providing Trademarking services for more than 10 years.

    We are helping the business and companies to make them the best Brand Registration, Trademark research, trademark hearings, Trademark registration, Trademark updates, and other Trademark services,  in and around Bangalore Karnataka.

    Find out our team Trademark search to Register office for your TM search,  TM Consultants, Trademark Consultants, Trademark Firm in Bangalore

    We are the Top Trademark Office in Bangalore, for Quality and benchmark Trademarking search and Registration support services in Bangalore, for quick Trademark search and Registration in Bangalore, and Authozied trademark agents in Bangalore.

    We take care of the Business Branding, Trademark registrability check, and Trademark Registration to observations. We have been authorised and recognized by Gov. of Karnataka as the best startup service provider for 2021

    Team Trademark gives every business to register their trademark. So that Trademark gets full ownership of the business products and services and also it protects from the misuse by others.


    Team Trademark search & Registration gives free Trademark searching update and the registration plans for startups starting Rs.2,000 only.


    Team Trademark office is located at Bangalore, a strong trademark agents with an experience of more than 10 years in IP’r & trademark consultancy services. At Team Trademark, we simplified the process of Trademark search and registration filing to our clients at very affordable fee.


    Our Team Trademark Bangalore agents believe in policy of giving the best Trademark service along with complete support over phone and email.


    Get your Brand Trademark registration in Bangalore, its 100% online. Free trademark search from Team Trademark expert.. please try for no charge!

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    Team Trademark search and registration done for more than 500+ brands Since,2011 we have included HomeSquare, Tigmontech, HRCHerbal, HIREON.

    Register your trademark with Team Trademark 100% online now.

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    Main trademarking services

    Trademarking search advisor in Bangalore

    We assure you of the best trademark search and Trademark registration services in Bangalore. 

    The reality of Trademarks Registration

    The reality of any trademark which has been registered in India allows

    • The registered brand Promote the business and brand building
    • The TM Leverage and make strong representation in the business
    • Effectively and legally protection of Brand from others to misuse
    • Helps for business expansion and creates as an asset in the company


    Benefits from Good Trademark

    • Creates good will in the market.
    • Enter and en-cash of the new market easily
    • Expand the other business from its existing customer loyalty

    Make royalty by granting the Trademark to other franchise


    Importance of trademarking in India

    A Trademark is an Intellectual Property, which could be a Symbol of your business or product.

    If you don’t register your trademark, someone else will register and claim the brand.

    This could immediately put your business and its products at serious risk. Securing a registered Trademark legally protects your brand, and provides you with the authority to prevent others using similar symbols of your business.


    By getting your brand registered, you are legally entitled with all the rights to take appropriate actions against those who attempt to register conflicting names, or are operating with conflicting brands names similar to your business.


    As your product becomes to grow and successful; the trademark will also start to develop an intrinsic value. Also, keep in mind that investors will seriously assess whether you have taken the appropriate legal protection to secure your brand.


    Importance of IP trademarking search

    Team Trademarking search planner

    Selection of the correct, attractive trademark is crucial. Any business running in India must do a trademarking search and find the best one. While choosing the trademark one must make sure it is easy to register with IP Trademark office. Therefore, the first step is trademark search and finding a unique brand.

    A Practising Trademark expert at team Trademark office serves you excellent IPR  services, please try for no charge on Trademark advice!

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    TM availability services

    Search for the availability of a trademark

    Selecting a good brand name is most important in your business. Asper IP trademarking search, there is registrability search should conduct. Team Trademark enabled the business for  Trademark search and registration 

    The registrability of the IP involves:

    Trade mark checking on:

    1. Whether a trademark has enough distinct to act as a Trademark?
    2. Whether the trademark is identical /confusing/similar to any existing trademark of others.


    Under Distinct to act, below are to be tested:

    Whether Generic names as a trademark?

    Any generic term can’t act as a Trademark, for example, pen, paper, electric, mobile, photo, software etc. reason is once it is allotted to one person, then in the future another person may not be allowed to use the same generic term in his business.

    Under Distinct to act passing below e to be tested:

    Whether descriptive mark as a trademark?

    Any description of the product or service is not allowed under trademark registration. For example the word sharp is the description of the how good quality of the product, same as a masalapuri, it’s a chat description.

    confusing or a similar trademark?

    Any trademark must go through trademarking search on a similar or identical test, a trademark search must be conducted in the IP trademark search flat form to ascertain it’s not confusing the public at large.

    As per IP Act, even though you’re using your trademark for a different class of products or services, still you’re prohibited to use the well-known and very famous trademark as your tradename. Hence you must consult a competent trademark agent to assess the probable risk associated while choosing the right Trademark.

    For any Company secretarial services, please reach us, we have in-house CS team to support

    You can get your Trademark filing with the Trademark office for finalization of Registratoin from the Team Trademark office. TM team is well versed with IPR Law and recent TM amendments. they give the best trademark support. please try for no charge!

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    TM general check service

    General Search for the trademark

    Even though trademark search provides you a roadmap to proceed. As per the IP trademark search India, the trademark first usage overrides the first registration. Hence make sure no one uses the mentioned tradename to avoid future complications and business loss.

    Choose the registerable trademark

    The importance of any trademark is to stand out from the crowd by distinguishing its name or image or logo.

    Best availability in trademark

    The below are the given choices are best trademarking choice to choose to finalize; namely coned words arbitrary trade names, explained below


    Arbitrary trademarking search

    The given tradename may be from the dictionary but adopted to unrelated business.

    For example, the Apple brand is used for the Apple Mobile brand. Amazon brand is used for e-commerce flat form business, here you notice is, apple is a fruit, it is nothing do with the mobile brand. This is one of the highly recommendable choices in the trademarking search.



    Coined word trademarking

    Coined words or combined words are called non-dictionary words having no meaning.

    The coined words are prepared based on the first few words from here and the last from there. The best example of the coined words is Kotak, MastMagaa etc.

    During the trademarking search, the availability of trademark must be researched through check in the IP trademarking search platform.

    We Team trademark agents give Trademarking filings after a comprehensive search.

    Our aim is to smooth the process of the Trademark without any issues from IP  office on objection or rejection.


    Next e file of your trademark

    Once you have finalized good and distinctive trademark as per suggested by your Trademarking agent, then you can proceed to register in online.

    The IP Trademark registry allows to e file of your trademark.


    Details to register the trademark

    Below are the details required to register the trademark in India.

    1. Name and complete address of the applicant
    2. The exact name of the Trademark
    3. Logo is optional in jpg format
    4. Activities or object of the brand as per Nice classification
    5. The exact date of first use of this brand, incase new, leave it blank
    6. Authorization letter to file the application with IP Trademark office

    Getting the best Trademark is not easy unless you have a competent Trademark agent, please try with us for trademark search at no charge!

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    Team Trademark for Branding and Trademarking

    Trademark Registration

    getting new business by way of venturing the business with Branding is the most successful sutra. Our team trademark agency helps to get the Trademark registration and Startup India.

    Team Trademark

    Team trademark refers to the branding of your business name. In India Trademark is governed by the Intellectual property Act. Any business that wants to use the trademark must be registered with IP office.

    The Trademark rights protect the business legally. This gives comfort to business to run their business and expand it without worrying about the misuse of their brand.

    We Team trademark agents are experts in the Trademark Act. We are assisting many businesses in entering into trademark registration.

    Team Trademarking analyze

    As per guidelines from TM office; The Trademark must be unique, non-generic, non-existence, and non-dictionary word. Hence, before applying must have a thorough research.

    Our team of Trademark expert conduct wide research at IP trademark search India portal. We do similar name searches, starting with word search, search by pronunciation too.

    If the trademark search gives a positive report, then only recommend the business to go-ahead; else recommend making a unique name.

    Registration of trademarks takes 1 day from Team Ca Trademark office. If you’re looking for good Trademark office in Bangalore, you must consult the team Trademark office.


    Team Ca Trademark registration update

    We do apply Trademark based on the below specific details:

    • Trademark name: example Bajaj, HeroHonda
    • Trademark descriptions or activities: example Automobiles
    • Trademark owner pan, aadhar, email id
    • Brand logo is an optional.

    In India, many big businesses are already holding good Trademark. The new business who wish to apply trademark must do trademarking search to ensure not get rejected.

    We Team CA office Trademarking Bangalore assist your business to get the Trademark quickly. Contact for team Ca Trademark Bangalore.

    Your Trademark deserves it!

    Trademark services

    IP agency Service
    Trademark searching
    Trademark opposition
    Trademark Registration
    Trademark observation
    Branding to Trademark
    TM related advisory services
    TM hearing and related service

    Getting Team Trademark’s IPR service is a win-win situation for business. We take care of your Trademark searching, Registration, observing, and Filing opposition for any similar brands and make successful brand with ease of trademarking. we are happy to say, our expert Trademark agents has more chosen services. please try for no charge on Trademark searching!

    Its simple ? getting your trademark in simple steps, write here at [email protected] +91 7019827351

    What are the benefits of Team Trademark IPR services?

    Fee for Trademarking in Bangalore

    The trademark registration fees various based on the activity conducted by Trademark agent.

    The IP office Government fee: Rs.4500/- under MSME scheme

    Professional fee is based on Trademark expert quote; it varies from Rs.2000/-  to Rs.20,000.

    Various benefits available under trademark, please click to read TM benefits here


    Steps for tradeMark certificate

    After the e filing of trademark application with IP trademark India, the first step is for formalities check pass with IP office: it’s a system driven process (it takes: 1 to 2 days)

    Then, substantial check with Trademark officer manual process (it takes 30 to 60 days)

    Once, trademark is accepted by IP office, it’s time for publication in the Gazette (it takes 4 months)

    If no objection on the publications on the gazette, trademark certificate will be released to you. Overall 6 months to 8 months required for release of the Trademark certificate.

    However, as a brand owner, you can use your TM from the date of receipt of applied acknowledgement. In case of any objection from TM office or public, then the above time gets extend from 1 year to 4 years.

    More than 1000 Clients in Bangalore getting our Trademark related service, please try for no charge!

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    Happy clients
    all around

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    “What an amazing Trademark service! It was a fabulous experience for my new company trademark registration in bangalore and whole my team and all of that from my home. Thank you! it was great!”

    Raghav N, Phoenix, Karnataka

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    “We are usually get the services from other big4 with stress and tears, but Team Trademark bangalore really loved the establishment setup and advisory on the post TM observation and was calm for the first time. I will definitely recommend for any Trademark services.”

    Cecilia Williams, Trent India, Bangalore

    Team TradeMark helpline

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    Team helps for Trademark Search to Registration

    We Team Trademark agents help you to protect your business, we’re doing Trademark Registration from last 10 years in Bangalore, including:

    • Understand and advise to conceptualize the Brand
    • Leverage to make uniqueness of the given trade name
    • Effectively advise about the protection of Brand from others to misuse
    • Promote the business and brand building

    So, start your journey with us now and get your trademarking shining!

    Team Trademark is one of the most dynamic IP office Bangalore. it has well established Ca and TM going together in Bangalore. we are into Trademark and Ca practice firm in Bengaluru. having 15 years of effective and planned process on the Trademark search, Trademark registratoin and company registrations & Consulting Services.  We are well trained on IPR matter and CA and CS firm provides unique business experience to new promoters and the trademark, Company registration service, Audit, Trademark hearing, brand registration, certification, Labor law compliance, Roc and Mca filings.

    Find our team Team Trademark and CA, Company Registration, Income Tax Consultants, GST Consultants, CS Firm in Bangalore

    We are Top Team Trademark and Ca Firms in Bangalore, we are most preferred services provider and searched for Top traemark and top Ca services in BangaloreTop CS in Bangalore, Company Registration Consultants in Bangalore, CS in Bangalore, Tax Consultants in Bangalore

    We are happy to say, More than 1000 Clients getting our Trademark office service in Bangalore. please try for no charge on trademark search Bangalore!

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    Strong Business Partnership

    Prakasha & Co

    Company Secretaries

    Team Trademark Registration

    Team Trademark is authorized by IPR India to give the IPR’s related public searching, guide on the suitable trademark availability, trademark search report and the registration services.  Our team Trademark agents from Bangalore well trained on the IP law, TM symbol review and the proper TM classification services in Bangalore is 100% online.

    A Trademark represents by way of name or word or phrase, logo, symbol or image or a combination of these to differentiate your company’s products and services from those of others. It is also used as a marketing tool to create awareness and recognition of products or services among customers.

    Team Trademark Registration 100% online

    A Trademark is a basically a symbol or trade name or word, or image or a combination of these to distinguish your product or services from the others.  Trademark is used as a marketing devise to create goodwill and recognition of your products or services among customers.

    As the trademark is an asset to your company. it gives complete ownership on the product a trademark that moves into business. Trademark Registration provides legal protection for Business Name, Brand Name, your business taglines, Symbol.


    Team Trademark Classification total 45 Classes

    In the Trademark Registration process, goods and services are classified into 45 groups called Trademark classification. It is very important to put the correct class in which the goods/services fit into and file an application under the relevant class. If a trademark is used for goods and services under different classes, you need to file separate applications with IP office.

    Team Trademark Registration Fees in Bangalore

    Team Trademark Registration Fee is charged as professional fee for the process of your Trademark. The each class you need to make separate fee. The trademark searching is 100% free in Bangalore.

    Category of Applicant

    Normal Fee

    Reduced Fee

    Individual Applicant



    Company or LLP or Frms



    Company or LLP or Firms with MSME 



    What reason Team suggest for Trademark to be registered?

    We strongly recommend for trademark to be registered. The registered Trademark gives full ownership of the brand or trademark and also it legally protect the same from misuse by another person/business entity. Only if the trademark is registered, the owner gets the legal rights to take action against people or companies who infringe on their trademark.

    Team Trademark Registration – update

    Team Trademark Registration advise

    Search for Trademark under the required Classification

    Our Team Trademark attorney do the complete Trademark search and update the availability of required trademark under the different 45 classes under the trademark laws. Our TM attorney advise the best one based on the check. Then applicant needs to identify the correct and relevant class under which the trademark should be registered.

    eFiling of Trademark Application in Bangalore

    Once the classification is completed by applicant, our Team Trademark submits the application through IP e-filing platform along with prescribed details such as the applicant’s name and permanent address, Power of authorization and Msme certificate.

    IPR office Examination of the Application

    IPR registry will verify the application submitted by us and if the trademark application meets the requirements asper the IPR law. Then proceed as TM formalities check pass and then application updated status as accepted.


    IP office Publication of Trademark

    Once your trademark is approved by the IP department, the details of Mark will be will be advertised in the Trademark Journal. If anyone has Objection or opposition to the registration of your trademarks can lodge Notice of Opposition to Trade Marks Registry within four months from the date of the IP Journal with the prescribed fee.

    Team Trademark Registration update

    After your Trademark application published in the IP gazette completes 4 months of advertisement in journal, the IP office shall issue a certificate of TM Registration to the you via email communication.

    Team Trademark Documents Required

    Input from you on the Trademark / Logo details
    1. Clear text of Trademark Name
    2. Logo format in Jpeg Image of Trademark Design,
    3. Description of image
    4. Brief description of Goods and Services
    5. MSME certificate
    6. Authorized person pan and aadar
    Team to represent as Power of Attorney (POA)
    1. POA to be executed in favour of Team Trademark Agent
    2. To be executed on a e-Stamp Paper in Bangalore
    One stop Team Trademark Registration at Bangalore

    We Team Trademark office is a Complete Trademark Registration Services in Bangalore with support of application filing, Trademark reply filing on objections, trademarks reply to oppositions, trademarks Renewal.

    get your trademark from team Trademark office today

    Team Trademark Registration Bangalore is a wellknown name for Trademark searching, Trademark Registration, Trademark hearing servicese, giving free Trademark Search 100% online and Trademark Registration services for the last 10 years. Get your Trademark registration in Bangalore, it’s 100% online. Free trademark search from Team Trademark expert. for no charge!

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    team Trademark


    Team Trademark Cloud System

    Google Reviews

    asked about the trademark comprehensive search and advise. and IPR guidelines as per IPR Act from Team Trademark. we have got quality and Excellent IPR related services from Team Trademark Bangalore.

    Our Team TM services

    Giving a One-stop IPR solution

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    Check out Team Trademark work

    Below is our team trademark Anchor clients associated with us for many years., Trademarking the business with us try for no charge!

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    We, Team, Trademark office believes best in direct interactions with our clients. we have a dedicated team Trademark agents to assist you always.  client satisfaction is our motto. please get with us for no fee!

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      We help you get successful Trademark to your business you want

      Any Business that wants to protect its business from misuse or from its rivals must have a Brand.

      Hence, it’s important to be noted, chose the correct Trademark which can easily get registered after thorough checks with your IP office. Every trademark has the expiry period of 10 years. Before 1 month can renewal it for another 10 years’ time.!

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      Team Trademark office Bangalore, is one of the top trademark search advisory and Trademark Registration office in Bangalore Karnataka.

      Our Legal team expert in IPR’s advise on the IPR’s searching and use as Trademark.

      Team Trademark firm provides sucess strategies to get the desire results from intellectual property rights.

      You can contact us for any requirements on the Trademark Registration,  Trademark, advisory services, TM hearing service in Bengalore.

      We have awarded from Karnataka State Govt. for the best MSME enablers from last 3 years.

      Our Team Trademark is expert in IPR Act, IPR analysis , Legal issue and other company law.

      We are always reachable and deliverable the best results.

      find the Trademark office at Google map, pls. visit once for a better understanding of TM and R at no charge!

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      Frequently Asked Questions on Trademark.

      Most frequent questions and answers

      What is Trademark search?

      Trademark search is comprehensive check process through Intellectual protection data base, whether the proposed trademark or trade name is available or not.

      The proper trademark search at IP website ensures the future legal consequences and objections from IP office. Every proposed Trademark application must go through thorough trademark registration search from the angel of starting word search, similar word search, phonetic search and any other popular brand or generic name are included.

      How to make effective Trademark public search?

      The effective trademark is the process to be followed with the given parameters.

      The product or services is to be associated with the product.

      Choose the right class which falls into

      Team Trademark Registration Sahakarnagar is a well-known Trademark office, giving free Trademark Search 100% online and Trademark Registration from last 10 years.  Free trademark search from Team Trademark expert. for no charge!

      [email protected] +91 7019827351

      What are the Trademark rights and privileges?

      The Registered Trademark gives legal protection from misuse of the brand or name. the proprietor gets the exclusive rights on the usage of the brand.

      It creates the assets in the company name.

       It prevents from others to benefit from real owner of the brand.

      What is trademark Registration India?

      Trademark registration is a legally protecting your business product or services by the way of registering with Intellectual property Act.

      Team Trademark helps business for brand registry with proper search and registration. So that, you can protect your business brand, we use high technique trademark registration search, it helps quick and highly accurate trademark results. In Bangalore trademark registration starts from Rs.7000 in Bangalore.

      How do I register a trademark?

      You can register your trademark through Team Trademark office Bangalore. We are providing 100% online process. You can provide your Trademark name or brand name which you wish to register with IP office. And also provide the Trademark logo (if required). Trademark activities.

      Based on the information, we do searching for availability of the Trademark and update you.

      If the trademark ability to register is good, then we can apply for Registration of your Trademark.

      What is the cost for trademark registration?

      Trademark registration in India is completely based on the attorney you approach.

      Team Trademark office Bangalore has the below cost for trademark registration:

      • Trademark Search: Free
      • Government Fees: 4,500 (under MSME scheme)
      • POA and GST: 500
      • Professional Fees: 2,000

      Can I register trademark by myself?

      Any common person can apply for trademark application through IP portal.  However to act as an trademark agent or attorney as per IP rules, certain procedure needs to follow. Example the Trademark agent must registered with IP office as a Trademark agent. His Digital signature must be updated to file the trademark related applications.

      To get the process ease, you must approach competent trademark agent to make comprehensive search on the chances of getting the Trademark and registration.

      Team Trademark office Bangalore is a most referred Trademark office in Bangalore, giving services to Companies on Trademark search, TM filing, CA services, Audit, and Accounting and Company Registration for the last 1 decade. please try for no charge! 

      Contact [email protected] +91 7019827351

      How to check the trademark status?

      • You can check your trademark status in the Trademark Registry in the following way:


      • Step 1: Click Here
      • Step 2: Click on the Trademark Application / Registered Mark on the left side
      • Step 3: Click on the National/IRDI Number
      • Step 4: Enter your application number as example: 5453341 and enter the
        “captcha” code as displayed and click View
      • Step 5: Click on the (example 5453341) Trade Mark No.


      Please write our TM office for any queries email id: [email protected]

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