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About Us

Team IN

Team IN Filings, is a midsized chartered firm of Chartered Secretaries & Accountants at Sahakarnagara, Bangalore, established in the year 2010. rendering as a one-stop solution for multitude of services. especially in the field of back office management, Compliance, Audit, tax consultation, NRI taxation, Trademark, management consultancy, mergers and
acquisitions and other allied areas.

With us start your business in a day.
To commence any business; you need to have various registrations and Licence. Government has introduced a system called, one day time line for registration of new company; we Team IN support any new business to get there business registrations within the time period allowed by laws of Land.

Your time is valuable.
We understand that you value your time, and no one wants to spend their time filing taxes. That’s why we make filing taxes easy and effortless by minimizing the time you need to spend worrying about them. We get everything right the first time, so you never need to worry. Our efficient and effective Tax and financial experts are available at all times, ready to service your questions and concerns so you can spend less time worrying and more time with your family, your career, and your passions. 

Explore your Tax Options. 
First and foremost, we assess your tax issues. In other words, we focus on the key objectives that you, and only you, want to achieve. We then tailor our strategy going forward to you by using our collective knowledge and pure expertise to deliver where others can’t. If you are an established business or just starting out, we can provide services that allow you to do what you do best whilst remaining compliant with the letter of the law.