Private Company Filings


Company Filings

As private limited companies, startups must follow several compliances as laid down by various statutes and other regulatory bodies. These include periodic filing of tax, and other MCA returns, holding the board and other meetings, maintaining statutory books and accounts, etc.
If you are planning to get your Private Company ITR filing, GST filings, Roc compliance, etc., it’s the right time for you to reach us.

All you have to do is, share your Company’s essential documents (Company Certificate, Pan, previous year filed records, etc.).

We will quickly review and update you on the road map for the following process of the Company filings

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Private Limited Company Filings

1. GST Return Filing

Under the GST rule, every registered GST business need to file monthly, quarterly and annual GST returns.

2. Income Tax Return Filing

Income tax filing should be filed by all Business. where the income is exceeded the taxable income as per provision of the respective finance Act.

3. TDS Filing

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4. ESI Return

ESI return needs to be filed by all partnership firms which are having ESI registration. ESI registration is necessary once the partnership firm has more than 10 employees.

5. Annual Return

As private limited company, every-year must file its annual return with Mca. Namely; Aoc-4 and Mgt-7. You must hire experience Company secretary to file your annual return with Mca.

Pvt Ltd Compliance

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1. Commencement of business ( within 180 days)
2. Auditor Appointment (Within 30 days)
3. Income Tax Return
4. MCA Form AOC-4
5. MCA Form MGT-7
7. Hold Annual General Meeting
8. Director’s report

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