Income Tax Return

Income Tax Return

Tax filing due date Financial Year 2020-21

Due date is 30thSep 2021. While filing, we must make sure to file correctly with all details, so that there is no default. As there are different sources of income, there are different ITRs introduced like:-


Used by a resident individual whose total income below


used by an individual or a HUF for the below-mentioned sources.
  • Income from Salary/Pension; or
  • Income from House Property; or
  • Income from Other Sources  OR
  • You are an individual director in a company or holding unlisted shares at any time during the Financial Year
  • Have capital gains
  • Agricultural income higher than Rs 5,000
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used by an individual or HUF who has income from business profession.
Used by an individuals, HUFs and partnership firms (other than LLPs) and includes incomes from


This form is applicable to all firms, LLPs, AOPs, BOIs (Body of Individuals), Artificial Juridical Person (AJP), Business trust and investment fund., visit our page :


All companies should use this ITR. choose a worry-free easy tax filing process with our assisted tax filing services., visit our page: choose a worry-free easy tax filing process with our assisted tax filing services at  email:, Contact: 24/7 help line: 8792858436. Address: 188/1, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore 560092
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