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Auditor, Tax advisor in Bangalore

Prakash Cr, Auditor and Tax consultant providing Ca Audit services to many companies in Bangalore from last 10 years.

Prakash Cr., Auditor, Auditing and Tax Consultants in Bangalore examines your books of accounts and records to make sure that all recording and reporting are done are correct as per prescribed rules.

Prakash Cr, is a team of Accountants, Company Secretaries and qualified audit team who can provide all types of audit services to Indian companies.

Proper Audit helps you to comply with the law, fraud detection and prevention, increases the credibility of your business and improves your business process.  Prakash Cr,is  Bangalore based and tax advisor, tax preparation and audit filing in Bangalore

More than 500 companies are getting our Audit and tax advisory service in Bangalore.

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Prakash Cr, give the below Audit service in Bangalore

Auditor in Bangalore

Tax Consultancy

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Main Auditor service

Tax Auditor for business in Bangalore

Tax audits are regulated by the Income Tax Act of 1961. The Income Tax Act of 1961 provides for mandatory audits of accounts of certain assessments whose turnover or gross income is in excess. specified limit for cash transactions of 5% and above. Tax audits can only be performed by a practicing accountant. Chartered accountants must perform tax audits according to the rules and regulations set forth in the Income Tax Act. Although the purpose of a tax audit is to assist tax authorities in determining the correct tax liability under the income tax law, with our extensive experience in performing tax audits, we provide consulting services. tax filing to clients for better tax planning in overall income tax law.

Statutory Audit from Bangalore

Statutory audit is an audit required by law or regulation. The appointment of the auditor, his rights, duties and responsibilities are prescribed in accordance with the relevant legislation applicable to the statutory audited organization. Legitimate audits of accounts can only be performed by a practicing accountant.

Audit of Trusts and Non-Profit Trust!

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Audit of public companies in Bangalore

Audit for public companies

Our Audit firm in Bangalore is incorporated with C&AG of India to perform audits of public sector companies as well as public sector banks in India. Public sector companies funded by the state or the government established under the Companies Act 2013

Nonprofits and account audit trusts will be the basis for relying on the people who run the business, i.e. members of the governing body or governing committee. It helps protect the assets of trusts and nonprofits. The examination of trusts and nonprofits is governed by the rules and laws of trusts and nonprofits. An audit is also required under the Income Tax Act.

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Internal Audit

Concurrent, Internal ongoing Audit

Concurrent audit, internal audit, continuous audit means that the auditor regularly or periodically participates in the audit of accounts during the period. Ongoing audit means periodic audits throughout the accounting year. This does not mean that the audit works 365 days of the year, but rather checks at periodic intervals, such as every two or three months of the year and at the end of the year. We have enough trained personnel to perform concurrent audits, internal audits and continuous audits based on business requirements. Our internal audit team works independently and objectively to add value and improve an organization’s operations through our audit and assurance services.

CA Internal Audit

An interim audit is performed between the annual audits. It is usually conducted to find intermediate results as well as to verify compliance with the law. We conduct the mid-term as if it were the final audit for the relevant period. This helps us to complete the final audit on time and helps us advise clients on different issues from time to time. The interim audit will give us sufficient time to perform an audit of the balance sheet.

Non Statutory Audit!

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Ca Balance Sheet Audit

Balance Sheet Audit

An audit of a balance sheet is generally only performed if the auditor assumes that a system of internal controls and checks is in place. A balance sheet audit is ideal in cases where a large organization has significant transactions. According to the audit of the balance sheet, our audit is based on the analysis of each item with the previous year, finding the causes of unusual deviations, examining ratios such as the current ratio operations, debt ratios, verifying all anomalies and not recurring transactions, comparing items in the profit and loss account that are directly related to the company’s assets, and more.

Case Audit

Non-statutory audits are performed on financial statements that are outside the requirements of a statutory audit, but may be necessary to meet industry or stakeholder requirements. Prakash CR Auditor provides non-statutory audit services to meet stakeholder requirements.



Secretarial Audit?

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Cost Auditor

Cost Audit Filing

The Companies Act has mandated cost audits for certain types of companies engaged in manufacturing, processing, fabrication and mining. A cost audit is a review of cost accounting records and verification of facts to ensure that the cost of a referenced product has been performed in accordance with cost accounting principles and development. development of appropriate analyzes and maintaining them. With the help of a cost audit specialist, Prakash CR assists clients in meeting the cost audit requirements under the Companies Law 2013 as well as the management.

Secretarial Audit by Company Secretary

The practicing company secretary (PCS) is authorized to perform a secretarial audit to ensure that the company’s operations comply with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and other applicable laws. Secretarial audits are performed to ensure that full and complete compliance with various legal requirements is established when implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors. We have a team of internal company secretaries in Bangalore to perform secretarial audits for our clients.

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Audit service

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Cfo Service
Tax Planning and Filing
Tax Audit
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Accounting Payroll
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Branding & TradeMark
GST Consultant
Company Registration


GST Audit in GST Act

Every dealer whose turnover in Karnataka state exceeds a certain limit is required to have their accounts audited under the GST Act and must provide a GST audit report. We Prakash CR, performs an audit of accounts under GST at the same time as an audit under the Companies Act 2013 or under the Income Tax Act 1961 to avoid duplication of work.

Service-tax Audit

Before GST, service tax applies indirect tax on various taxable services in India. Service Tax Department selects cases for service tax inspection and conducts audits to check tax evasion. With a computer-aided audit program and advanced auditing techniques, the auditor will plan an audit and perform a service tax audit for the sake of revenue. Sections 72 and 73 allow the central tax officer to properly assess service tax and related tax revenues and recover, if any, underpaid or overpaid taxes. Prakash CRs Service Tax Experts will assist in administering the Service Tax Check in Bangalore and coordinate with the Service Tax Department to facilitate the Conduct of the Service Tax Check

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Auditor and tax advisor business startups

Being one of the top accounting firms in Bangalore & startup advisor in Karnataka, our Professionals handle all branches of accounting & auditing. Contact us today at 7019827351


Online Bangalore tax advisor

Prakash CR, Auditor and Tax consultant is one of the best Online Tax Return Filing Advisor in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore. Prakash CR is listed as Financial Advisor, tax advisor, Ca service in

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More than 500 Clients in Bangalore getting our Audit and tax advisory service, please try for no charge!

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“What an exceptional Audit service! It was a fabulous experience for my new company Tax filing and Gst registration in bangalore and whole my team and all of that from my home. Thank you! it was great!”

Raghav N, Phoenix, Karnataka

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“We are usually get the services from other big Audit houses with stress and tears, but Prakash CR, Auditor banglaore really loved the establishment setup and advisory on the post compliance process and was calm for the first time. I will definitely recommend.”

Cecilia Williams, Trent India, Bangalore

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asked about the Audit and CA certification from Auditor Bangalore. we have got quality and Excellent Auditing services from Prakash CR, Bangalore.

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We help you success in your business you wish

We are in Audit practice for more than a decade, we are happy to say, Many startups are getting business-related and Startup India services & prefer us. please try for no charge!

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Prakash Cr, Auditor and tax advisory office Bangalore, is one of the top Ca, Chartered Accountants firm provides sucess strategies to achive the desire results from business.

You can contact us for any requirements on the Company Registration,  Trademark, outsourcing of Accounts and Payroll, Ca service in Bengalore.

We have awarded from Karnataka State Govt. for the best MSME enablers from last 3 years.

Our Team Auditor is expert in Income tax planning, Legal issue and other company law.

We are always reachable and deliverable the best results.

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