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Company Registration in India

If you want to start a new business in India, there are multiple choices to commence business in India; choosing a suitable company in India is based on your business structure and the objective of the business.


A company is a vehicle or flat form to run the business. Before starting any business, you must be clear about the following:


Make a name choice that shall be unique and catchy and should not violate the name guidelines as per MCA.

Then, collect the required essential documents from proposed company promoters.


You can approach Team IN Filings, Bangalore, to start the Company Registration.


The main types of companies in India are:


·         Private Limited Company which are privately held by few people

·         One Person Company (OPC) which is suitable for single ownership

·         Limited Liability Firm (LLP) which is good for risk oriented services

·         Nidhi Company Limited for small finance business

·         Chit fund Private Limited for chit business

·         Finance Company for financing business


A company name availability check is the First step.

If you plan to start a new company in India, you must check the name available with and Trade Mark authority. If the name is available, submit your finalized name along with the objective to for free, our Team IN filings can go ahead for name reservation application to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). We have to make the name reservation application before registration of the Company.


The procedure of Company Registration in India

After the name gets approved from Team IN filings, you can provide the documents below for further Registration of the Company.


·         All the promoters, directors Pan, Aadhar, recent month Bank statement

·         Email, mobile, photo of the director

·         Rent agreement in the company name, Electric bill

·         Noc from the building owner


Once you submit the above documents, our Team will process the Digital signature and then prepare the MoA and AoA, and other documents for review with you.


Preparation of Memorandum of Association

After the name gets approved, Team IN filings helps you to prepare the company documents. The Main documents in the Company are the Memorandum of association and Articles of association of the Company.


MoA – Memorandum of association

MoA talks about the Company’s business activities and other functions. The objectives of the Company have to be classified into primary intents and associated purposes.

The Main objective is all about the Company’s primary purpose, like retail, wholesale, etc.

The associated objective is related to the central business objective, for example, marketing, advertisement, etc.

Clauses of Memorandum of association(MOA)

The MoA clauses must be arranged in the proper structure keeping the Company’s core business in mind. Also, there won’t be prohibited trade to be taken under this.


Fee for Registration of the Company

Most Company’s Registration in Bangalore is completed with Team IN Filings.

The cost and time involved have been given on an approximate basis only.


·         For Private Limited company: fee is Rs.5000 plus Govt. fee, Time: 3 working days.

·         For One Person Company: fee is Rs.4000 plus Govt. fee, Time: 3 working days.

·         For Firm, LLP Company: fee is Rs.5000 plus Govt. fee, Time: 10 working days.

·         For Nidhi, chit fund Company: fee is Rs.15000 plus Govt. fee, Time: 10 working days.

·         For Proprietorship, Gst: fee is Rs.5000 plus Govt. fee, Time: 10 working days.


Kit of the Company Registration Certificate with the complete set of certificates

During the process of the company registration, you will get a complete set of registration like;

·         Registration Certificate

·         Company Pan

·         Company Tan

·         Company PF

·         Company Professional Tax

·         Company ESI

·         Company Gst

·         Company Bank A/c

·         Directors/ Promoters DSC

·         MoA

·         AoA


Benefits of Company Registration in India

A company is a vehicle; you carry your business without any limit.


The main benefits of Company registration are:

·         It gives you legal status like Pvt. Ltd, LLP, etc., to your business

·         It has a perpetual succession of your business

·         The promoters risk is limited to his investment amount only

·         The Company can sue and be sued

·         Company promoters play a dual role, one as director and another as a promoter

·         The Company has the power to borrow money in its name

·         Capital raising is also easy


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