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Maximizing Your Income Tax Returns

Company Secretary Bangalore has been a practising company secretary for the last ten years, holding a membership from the institute of ICSI.


Our Team IN the Filings office have experienced Company Secretaries in our office in Bangalore; he handles the company secretary services in Bangalore related to company law and Roc compliances.


Our Company secretary service in Bangalore plays a vital role in a startup business or already grown Business to manage the company law, SEBI, FSSAI, private equity funding, MCA compliance etc.


Team IN Filings is a Company Secretaries firm (Cs) in Bangalore. Offers business Company or LLP Registrations, Company secretarial services, Startup India registrations, Legal advisory services, auditing, and consulting services.


Suppose you are a startup or a well-established company. In that case, we are well trained and experienced Cs Team with the highest standard professionals in Bangalore, giving you the best Cs service in Bangalore, startup’s Tax planning, Company Registration, legal and Audit service.


We have serviced more than 500+ businesses in Bangalore, Karnataka, for their Company compliance, Company filings, Auditing, Tax filing, financial management, Company setups services etc.


Corporate Secretaries role at Bangalore

Suppose you’re looking best Company Secretary to manage your Company Filings, stator compliances, regular accounting, Taxation, Audit, Company Filings Etc. In that case, we are the best choice for you regarding quality work and on-time delivery with reasonable fees. More than 500+ Businesses are regular getting our Company secretarial (Cs) services.


Our Company Secretary’s work includes:

·         Company and LLP Registration in Bangalore

·         Startup India & Tax planning for your Business to reduce the outgoing tax

·         Trademark or Brand registration in Bangalore

·         Advise on the best legal structure of the Company

·         Advise on the Books of Accounts, Accounting

·         Implement the best internal control and reporting the MIS

·         Payroll management for salary process and & automation of the employee’s paychecks

·         Internal Audit for reporting the performance of the Business

·         Gst advisory and Gst filings regularly

·         Tds advisory and Tds filings service

·         Business Audit and Tax return filing for Company and staff

·         Cs audit for your company filings with Roc Bangalore

·         Company secretary certification for your bank loan, other purposes


Company secretary assisted filings at Bangalore.

Business management, proper board setup and reporting are critical.

The Company shall hire an experienced and qualified company secretary who has qualified from ICSI and also has good working knowledge in the corporate and legal field.


We, Team IN Filings, have deputed many Company secretaries to Business, where we continue monitoring the performance of the secretarial standards and provide updates.

Our CS helps to clarify the law changes in the legal, compliance and accounting field so that they can contribute to the Business and provide our valuable services to the Client.


Company Secretary’s leading role in Business

As a company secretary in Bangalore, we focus on quality service and on-time delivery.

Below are our core services to Business.

·         Cs manage the Board Meetings, documentation and Minutes

·         Cs organise the annual general meeting in Bangalore

·         Cs manage your Shareholder Services in Bangalore

·         CS ensures the organisations remain compliant


Company secretary outsources in Business.

We are mainly giving the best outsourcing services on the non-core functions in Business.

Gst outsourcing in Bangalore

Our experienced Company secretaries and team expert in GST laws hold Gst practitioner certificates from Government.
Provide you with Gst services, from advisory services to Gst registration and Gstr filings.
They continuously advise businesses about GST filings, GST rules and regulations, Gst amendments, and Gst reconciliation apart from regular GST return filings.

 The Gst outsourcing services from our GST consultants are:

·         Gst Registration Service

·         Get Filings

·         Gst Audit

·         Gst Reconciliations


Company Secretary Tax filing outsource in Bangalore.

Our Company secretary members are experienced tax consultants who have expert knowledge of income-tax e-filings, tax planning etc., and are well-versed with changes in income tax.

Who has been recognised by the income-tax department as a Tax return preparer(TRP); they are one who advised many individuals and Businesses for their tax planning and tax filing in the last 15 years in Bangalore.


Benefits from in-house tax outsourcing

·         Quick response on-time filings

·         Professionally qualified tax consultants

·         Expert in tax laws and filings

·         Error-free tax filings from the last ten years


Apart from doing tax return filing outsourcing, they handle tax department notices, advise clients about resolving tax disputes, etc.


Importance duties from Corporate Secretary in Bangalore

Our Cs members provide you benchmark services on the below:

·         Manage the Company minutes

·         Company Registration and Roc filings

·         Trademarking search, TM Registration and renewal

·         Accounting services regularly

·         Bookkeeping by cloud-based systems like Zoho, QB etc.

·         Taxation advisory services

·         Attending the income-tax notices etc

·         Cost-effective tax management solutions for Business

·         Improve your cash flow by reducing the tax outgoing with various tax plan


Why is Team Company Secretary in Bangalore different?

Our expert and well-experienced Company secretary Team do the proper search and Evaluation, suggesting the best option to finalise.


We have a quality check mechanism on each level, which helps Businesses to manage compliance, registration and filings quickly.


How our Company Secretary checks on the Business?

·         Search & Evaluation of your existing compliance system

·         Reporting the observations and suggestions for best improvements

·         Making the update as recommended

·         Handover the MIS regularly


Company secretarial services are a critical part of running a business. Even if you plan to hire someone else to act as your company secretary, you will still need to understand your responsibilities as a director or shareholder of the Company and take on some tasks yourself.


The Team In filings Bangalore-based Company secretaries members, Cs practitioners and Trademark agents firm and professionals practising from the last 10+ years in Bangalore, providing a host of services including Company Registration, LLP Registration, Compliance filings, Tax planning, Auditing services, Trademark registration, Trademark objection filing, Trademark hearing, Company Registration, GST services, Tax return filing as well as Gst advice Service, Tax consultancy, and Management have been providing various tax planning, business setup filing-related services from the 15 years in India.


Find your Team IN Filings Company Secretaries staff Bangalore consultant to get your Business complied with all the rules fast and efficiently.


With our Team CS member and get expert advice to help you with business growth; This includes Tax periodical updates of the compliance update, tax compliance, GST support invoicing software and free filing software. GST invoicing, cloud-based accounting, payroll process, accounts recording and filing software, and Cs assisted Accountants Assistance. Company secretary support to 5K+ is regular service. Rapid and reliable company secretaries service provider in Bangalore. Karnataka


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About Us

Team IN Filings is a Tax & Law house in Bengaluru specializing in company matters, income Tax Gst, Trademarks Startup India, etc.

Our expert company secretary, tax consultant, CA, and Trademark agent provide Taxation, Registration for Companies Accounts Audit, Legal compliance, etc.

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