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What is Digital Signature Certificate?

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What is Digital Signature Certificate?

DSC is an electronic format of an individual’s identity in the place of physical or paper documents.

It authenticates electronic documents only in the signed system similar to a handwritten signature.

It consists of details like Name, address, pin code, email, mobile number and PAN details.

DSC has legally valid in the eyes of the court of Law.

for more, read about DSC Process.

Why do we need Digital Signature Certificate?

In this digital era, most of the types of Registrations, licenses are done online, examples are: GST Registration, Company Registrations, Import and Export Code, DGFT, PF, TDS, tax return filings, Mca, Roc filings etc. to authenticate those documents electronically, Government has mandated to use the DSC for electronic signature. Read more about the DSC mandate read at Mca DSC guide

What are the benefits of the usage of DSC?

  1. Registrations can be done paperless, by authenticating the documents through DSC
  2. It reduces the time and cost and more importantly environment, as there is no need of paper to be signed, all those to be done through the digital sign on the PDF formats, and the DSC holder no need to visit the office to get the authorization.
  3. Digitally signed documents can’t get altered, as that has been protected from encryption, as this gives assurance to the signatory as well the Government.
  4. Dsc signed documents give confidence to the receiver too, as this authenticate the credentials of the documents.

Can the DSC be used for Banking transactions? Property Registrations?

No, Dsc cannot be authorized to use for any banking transactions, shares trading, property registrations, as this has not been allowed by Government.

How to get the Digital Signature Certificate?

DSC can be procured through DSC agencies like Team IN Filings, they have authorized to process your DSC at a reasonable fee with a quick process.

Team IN Filings has been authorized to issue the various types of DSC, from Capricon, E Mudra etc.

Validity of the DSC

Validity of the DSC comes from 1 year to 3 years period. After the expiry, it can be renewed for further years, as per the requirement.

What documents are required for Digital Signature?

Below mentioned documents required for the DSC process;

Pan card of the applicant
Aadhar card
If no Aadhar then, Voter ID or DL or passport.
Email id and mobile number


The process to get the DSC

Once, the above-mentioned documents/ information are received, below are the steps;

Process the DSC application by Team IN Filings
Applicant receives the OTP given in his mobile number & shares it with Team
Once the application got processed, Applicant has to do the video record and email verification
Finally, Issue the DSC to the applicant

Types of DSC and their purpose to use.

Class -3 DSC, it’s used for Tender purposes, Company Registration, GST, PF etc.,

Class -2 and 1 DSC is used for signing purpose for the limited purpose in the Company.

Cost of the DSC with UBS token.

DSC cost varies every month, based on the import duty and other costs involved in purchases.

The cost: Class -3 DSC with UBS token – price ranges from Rs.1000 to 1500 only.
Class -2 and 1 DSC is range from Rs.800 to 1000.

We advise, before procurement, pl, check with the support team at 8792858436.
A digital signature helps businesses to get there various types of services like a business start-up, Company registrations, get the business licenses and participate in the Government Tenders and other procurement easily with less cost and time.

Team IN filings recommends purchasing the required DSC from the authorized CA office, and keep it safely for the limited purpose as specified by Government.

In case need any DSC, we advise you to approach directly to “Team IN Filings”, they will process and issue the DSC on spot with reliable services from the last 10 years in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Contact E:, M: 8792858436. Add: No 188/1, 1st Flr, BT Pura, Bangalore-560092

Please note: Currently [due to Covid-19] Team IN Filings, is working with limited support. Hence, it may take a longer time to process, we appreciate your patience. For urgency, call our 24/7 helpline to quickly get back.

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