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Get your top Company secretary service in Bangalore; we offer CS-Company advisory, Gst, Audit, Accounting, and certification services in Bangalore.

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Company Secretary to your business


We will discuss about your business requirements for Company management, Tax planning, Cs-assisted business planning, accounting, Gst, and Filings and then gather the required details to begin our CS journey.


Based on the preliminary discussion, we can finalize your CS requirement, Company Filings, Tax advisory, Gst and Tax return and share the CS proposal for further update or clarification.


We will make a bilateral service agreement, collect the advance payment for ca advisory service and submit the required agreement to standardize the process for your CS services


We deliver your CS-Assisted Company services as agreed upon entered in the agreement. Including, business compliance,Tax planning, internal Audit, Gst, and Tax return filings services every month.

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Company Secretary (CS) in Bangalore

We are:

  • Expert Company  Secretaries.
  • A strong force of experienced CS  firms in Bengaluru.
  • Having 15 years of Cs service.

We are providing Company Secretary Consulting Service. Excellent Company registration and Company Compliance services in Bangalore.

Benefit from Company Secretaries

Our Company secretary is a legal expert provides a professional service that helps with doing right form of business. reliability services from our CS helps to build good image. It can be highly beneficial to MSME businesses, as it can save your time & money.
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safe guard your Busienss
Our Expert Company secretary advises on the proper management of compliance to grow your business. They help you monitor your busienss progress, create reports, and suggest legal adjustments if needed, which is helpful for growth and create good brand value.
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Improve your Good will
Our Company secretary performs different business modules and due diligence services that your businesses need. So, when you work with one, you can access other service offerings that benefit your business growth. Also, he leads by example.
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Business growth

Requirement for our CS service

Your basic documents

Your Company, Business Registration details, Managmeent details, Gst & Income tax Login details.

Periodical audit

We roll-out the internal control and procedure and then do the review audit.

Structure of your Business

We study the current structure of your business and roll out the map for gaps and improvements

MIS reports

We develop quality and strong MIS system for reports and updates on the business results

User Friendly System

We make system user friendly and accessible to management easily

confirmation of final

We do retainers service for the Company secretary and continue your business for future growth.

How our Company Secretary is the best fit?​

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After Sale service

About our Company Secretary office in Bangalore, we are a Team of CA & CS experts practicing Company Secretary service in Bengaluru.

Find out local Company Secretary, in Bangalore for Company Filing, Tax Consultants, GST consultant in Bangalore

Number One Company Secretary for Roc & Mca filings in Bangalore.

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