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Gst Registration Bangalore

Gst Registration Bangalore

Getting GST registration in Bangalore is a simple and easy process.

Any business that wishes to start a business in Bangalore, Karnataka, must have the Karnataka GST registration approved by the Bangalore GST office.

Bangalore Gst registration is to be followed as per GST documents specified below. In addition to that, ownership documents like BBMP tax paid receipt along with electric bill must be attached as proof of the ownership of the business premises while doing the GST registration for Bangalore place.

Gst Number reg online

You must complete Gst Registration exclusively online.

A person who wants to apply for the New Gst registration may be completed the online with the steps below.


·         Log in to GST official portal

·         Fill up the Part A of GST Registration Form-1 by the Team IN Filings

·         You will receive your reference number(TRN) via email, along with your mobile number.

·         Complete the second section of the registration forms, and upload the necessary documents.

·         The Government gave a Certificate of Registration


Certificate of new Gst Registration in Bangalore

After verifying your documents are checked and found correct, the GST office will inform you of GST approval via email and SMS.

Then, you can get the GST certificate via the GST portal by using an initial GST login password provided within the email.


You can download the GST certificate. GST certificate on the internet

Log in to The GST home page will be displayed.


  1. Log in on the GST Portal with the valid credentials you have shared with the email you received.
  2. Click on the Service > Users > Download/View Certificates

Documents Required for Gst Registration in Bangalore

Below is a scan of the documentation necessary to register GST.

·         Pan as well as Aadhar for the person who is applying

·         Lease agreement, Electricity bill

·         Applicant photo, mobile number, email id

·         Certificate of registration for business for Firms or companies, for example.

·         Applicant’s business goal

·         Business Trade Name if required.

  1. Any other evidence of the ownership of the business, If necessary.


You should upload all these documents to the GST forms through GSTIN. The GSTIN method is entirely online. Therefore, ensure that the scan copy must be legible and straightforward to be read by the GST official.


Forms for new Gst Registration in Bangalore

You must complete GST registration online with GSTR-form 1.

Therefore, we will not use any physical form for filing Gst.

However, before applying to apply for the new GST, one should be sure to collect all required


Documents before beginning this process.


Gst Registration procedure in Bangalore

As part of the GST regime, you can opt for Gst registration for two reasons. One is the case if your turnover is higher than the threshold of Rs.20Lac per year or Rs.40 Lac for Traders, and you must be Registered with the GST.

You can also opt to use the new GST to do business.

The procedure to apply for new GST is followed


Get the essential information such as:

·         trade name of Company

·         Documents that we previously highlighted

·         Log in to your system and fill out form 1 using the above information.

·         Please wait for 7 to 15 working days before you can get the new Gst registration

·         Show the GST certificate at the location of your business


Fee for Gst Registration in Bangalore

Under the GST Act, the Government doesn’t charge any fee for the new Gst application.

For professionals such as Ca, tax consultants or auditors charge a fee according to their time spent and advisory services regarding the Gst’s latest changes, etc.

In general, it ranges from RS.2500 and goes up to 10,000 the new Gst, based on professionals’ participation and the advisory role.


Gst for proprietorship businesses in Bangalore

Under the law, it is a legal requirement that a Proprietorship business does not require authorization to operate the Company. It is one of the significant benefits of a sole proprietorship.


To manage all your Gst process; a business owner must be able to obtain the latest Gst with the private Pan Number.

Thus, he must use the Gst in a sole proprietorship where he shares his personal Pan Aadhar, ID proof, etc.

In the case of a sole proprietorship, the owner can select his trade name as an official business name, similar to companies, to run his business.


Gst Registration for Companies in Bangalore

Firms or companies are distinct from the person who promotes the business. Therefore, when we apply new GST for Companies, it is necessary to collect the registration certificate of the Company, Moa, Aoa, the Director’s KYC documents, and DSC.


Thus, the director’s papers can be utilized as an official signatory to obtain the brand new GST under the Company’s GST Registration.


After your GST gets approved, you must be sure that we update our business’s Bank account information to the department responsible for GST.



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