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GST Registration for Foreigners

Non-residents who undertake transactional activities related to services and goods also come under the category of taxable persons and thus also need to register for GST. It is mandatory that non-resident taxable persons nominate an authorized person in India who can undertake compliance on their behalf with GST regulations. Once a non-resident decides to undertake business activities in India, GST registration must be obtained at least 5 days prior to conducting any business activity.

GST Registration for foreigner Features

1. Ease of business

GST puts goods and services under the same umbrella, unlike VAT and Service Tax, hence making compliance easier.

2. Lower Taxes

GST is attracted only if the annual turnover of the business exceeds Rs. 20 lacs or Rs. 10 lacs in certain parts of the country.

3. Collection of taxes

GST registration helps to collect taxes from customers also pass on the tax credit to customers on purchases made.

4. Input Tax Credit

A customer can claim ITC (Input Tax Credit) for taxes paid on purchases and can utilize the same credit towards payment of due taxes.

5. Seamless Flow

At the national level, GST helps the seamless flow of ITC towards recipients from suppliers.

Document Required

1. Self-attested copy of PAN card (mandatory).
2. Incorporation Certificate or Proof of Business registration.
3. Proprietor identity proof
4. Address Proof
5. Passport size photographs
6. Place of Business Address Proof


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