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PF Return Filing

Provident fund is a type of scheme where the salary of a monthly salaried is kept for pension person which only includes a small chunk of the salary for the purpose of giving it out at the end of the employment status of that set person in the given establishment.Every person who is enrolled for Provident fund must do PF return filing by the employer on monthly basis. This is a must as the returns that are filed matters to the contribution proof from the salary and the contribution from the employer’s end.

At TeamIndia, the consultants provide you legal guidance and also assist in every steps that would involve in dealing with PF handling and also filing returns for your company’s employees on monthly basis at the most efficient way.

PF Return Features

1. Employee Welfare

2. Staying legal

3. Security

4. Insurance benefit

5. Medical benefits

6. Taxation benefits

Document Required

  1. Form 2
  2. Form 5
  3. Form 3A
  4. Form 6A 

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