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Public Limited Company Registration

The Public limited company in India is a voluntary association of members which has a separate legal existence and the liability of whose members is limited. A Public Limited Company can either be an unlisted Company or listed Company on the Stock Exchange. Public Limited company also enjoys wide options to raise funds through bank loans, the general public, and Institutional investors.
Incorporating a Public Limited Company is easy, seamless, cheapest and quickest with! Apart from a Public Limited Company, also helps entrepreneurs with Private Limited Company Registration, Nidhi Company Registration, Partnership Registration, HUF, LLP Incorporation and One Person Company registration easily. You may get in touch with our compliance manager on phone number or email [email protected] for free consultation.

Public LTD Company Features

1. Separate Legal Entity

Public Limited Company enjoys the benefit of Separate Legal Identity in the eyes of law which clearly states that assets and liabilities of the business are not the assets and liabilities of the Directors.

2. Builds Credibility

All the information relating to the company are made available in a public database. This feature makes it easy to authenticate the existence of the business that ultimately helps in improving business credibility.

3. Easy Transfer

Shares of the public limited company are purchased and sold in a stock exchange market. They are freely transferable between the members and people trading in the stock exchange.

4. Perpetual succession

The company keeps on existing in the eyes of law even in the case of death, insolvency, the bankruptcy of any of its members and the succession would be valid.

5. Access to Finance

A Public Ltd. Co. can easily obtain funding from Banks and other financial institutions since they are more willing to extend financing to this type of company.

6. Scope for expansion

There is unlimited scope for growth and expansion of business in Public Limited Company and New shares can be used to raise additional capital in Public Limited Company.

Process of Registration


1. Documentation – A Compliance Manager from TeamIndia will get in touch with you to obtain your documents along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up that checklist and submit along with your documents for processing. Our expert team will verify documents and proceed with registration formalities. All throughout the process, your dedicated Compliance Manager will keep you updated on the progress of Company Registration.
2. Name Approval – Once you submit your documents along with Checklist, we will proceed with the application of your Digital Signature and subsequently name approval. You may give up to three names of your choice. Names should be unique and suggestive of Company’s business. We will proceed with name approval through a form called “RUN” as prescribed by MCA. It usually takes 1-2 days to get the name approved.
3. Company Registration – Once the name is approved, we will draft MOA (Memorandum of association) and AOA (Articles of association). We will file incorporation documents with MCA through a form called “SPICe” along with subscription statement. Usually, MCA approves the forms within 2-3 days once filed and issues Incorporation Certificate with CIN. PAN & TAN are allotted alongside. You may then proceed to open your Company Bank Account.

Document Required

1. Photograph of all the Directors and shareholders
2. PAN Card of all the Directors and shareholders
3. Self-Attested ID Proof of all the Directors (Driving License/Passport/Voter ID)
4. Electricity Bill or any other utility bill for the address proof of the Registered Office
5. No Objection Letter (NOC) from the landlord with his/her consent to use the office as a registered office of a company must be submitted.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an NRI or Foreign National can be a Director in a Public Ltd Co. in India. For becoming a director, besides the basic requirement of being a sensible adult, such a person must possess the DIN issued by MCA. However, at least one Director on the Board of Directors must be a Resident of India.

In India, You can set your Public Ltd. Co. anywhere but there are minimum 7 shareholders and three Directors required. The Directors can also be shareholders.

No, unlike a Private Limited Company a Public Limited company has no limits on a maximum number of shareholders.

When the total capital of a company is divided into shares, is called as share capital. The share capital is the total amount of capital collected from their shareholders for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the company.

A Public Limited Company must have a minimum of three directors.

DIN is a unique identification number allotted to an individual who is appointed as a Director of a Company and it is mandatory for every Director to have this number. provides Public Limited Company Registration all across India.

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