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Team Ca Bangalore is a Chartered Accountant (Ca) office in Bangalore, giving services to Companies on income tax, Gst, Audit, and Accounting and Company Registration for the last 1 decade. please try for no charge!

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Team Ca is a Chartered Accountant office (Ca office) located in Bangalore. Team Ca has synergy of skilled resource on the Company matters, Income-tax, Gst Act and rules over a period of years to made them most referred Chartered accountants in Bangalore. 

Team CA firm united with by members from last 20 years in Ca practice. We are enablers for the Company Registration Bangalore, Tax planning, Ca Consulting Service, Internal audit, Filing various income tax returns and Trademark services.

Team Ca Bengaluru gives Chartered Accountant Company-related services to more than 300 Clients on regular basis in Bangalore. we are recognized by Startup India. please try for no charge!

Contact team@teamindia.co.in +91 7019827351

We are a Chartered Accountant office (Ca) Firm. we are Providing Ca related services in Bangalore.  We as a Team of Ca experts in Company Law, Income tax, Gst Law, and Intellectual property (Trademark) rules and regulations. We are practising in the Ca and Cs services for more than 20 years.

We are helping the business and companies to manage their Company Registration, Tax audit, Tax filings, Trademark registration, Ca certification, Tds services, Gst registration, and Gst services in and around Bangalore Karnataka.

Find out our team CA office for Income Tax Consultants, GST Consultants, CA Firm in Bangalore

We are the Top CA Firms in Bangalore, for Quality and benchmark CA support services in Bangalore, for the quick Company Registration in Bangalore, Certified Tax Consultants in Bangalore.

We take care of the Business planning, Company Registration to management. We have been recognized by Gov. of Karnataka as the best startup enabler for the last 3 yrs.

We are giving income tax planning, tax filing & Accounting service. please try for no charge!

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Main Ca services

Income tax advisor in Bangalore

We manage entire Company tax Audit, income tax filing services, best tax planning and Income tax advisory 

Team to File Income tax return


Income tax return filing is the process of declaring the income from Salary, Rental income, income from business profession or income from any other source.

As per Income tax Law in India, any person including artificial person like Private Company, Firm, LLP’s where there income shall be computed based on the applicable tax rate by finance bill.


Team Ca Income tax consultants


File ITR is the yearly once to be done with income tax of India. We Team Ca Bangalore authorized by Income tax office helps persons to file there ITR through Incometax.gov.in by proper calculating the income, investments, savings, assets and liabilities, any foreign assets, liabilities etc, along with tax already reported in 26as.

If you’re income is above the basic limit of Rs.2.5 Lac, you must file for income tax return, we team Ca assisted income tax consultants Bangalore provide you quick and prompt tax filings in Bangalore.


Filing income tax return requirements


If you’re employed, then to filing income tax income discloser as per your form 16.you need to share your form 16 along with ITR login pw to calculate the income/ tax/ refund if any.

If you’re running a business, then to file for income tax with IT office, you need to share your business trial balance or accounting Tally.you need to share bank statement and ITR login pw to calculate the income/ tax/ refund if any.


Team time to file income tax return

Our Team Ca tax consultant experts, after receipt of the requirements/ details, assist you to get the return file within 2 days. We will share you the ITR acknowledgement as a proof of ITR submitted with income-tax.

Team CA tax planner

Team Ca tax consultants Bangalore, We not only file your tax return; but advises the best tax planning to reduce the tax outgoing (legally tax planning). Most of our clients, happy with team ca tax consultants for their tax return and get refund for any excess tds cut by Vendors/ Companies.

A Practising Company secretary at team Ca office serves you excellent Company secretarial (CS) services, please try for no charge on CS advice!

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Company secretary services

in-house Company Secretary.

We are keeping practicing Cs for business advise and Company Registration services in Bangalore.

Team CS enabled the business for business Registration and Company setup

Team Company Secretary Bangalore


Company Secretary is torchbearer of the company. he manages the company compliance, advise the board about how to run the business ethically by spirit of law. He plays a bridge between the Directors and shareholders and external agency.

The company secretarial role starts from the Company Registration to regular filings to manage the affairs.

Company secretary is a member who has been qualified from the institute of ICSI.


team company secretarial role

CS plays important role as a Key manager in the business.

  • Company Registration
  • Policy structure and roll-out
  • Advise board of directors about the correct process as per law
  • Compliance and various return Filing with departments
  • Internal audit and reporting with board
  • Conduct the AGM, board meeting as per law
  • Play as an extended arm of the government.


For any Company secretarial services, please reach us, we have in-house CS team to support

Our Team CA Gst has well versed with GST Law and recent GST amendments. they give the best Gst support. please try for no charge Gst!

Contact support@teamindia.co.in +91 7019827351

Ca for Gst service will be a good

Gst Registration & Gst Filings

Gst is a new law in India. proper Gst advise to business is very much needed. from Team Ca GST helps to get the registration and rules and application of GST, Tds, Pf Esi and Tax filings

Team CA Gst Registration


In India, most business requires GST as part and parcel to run their business. We team CA GST registration consultants in Bangalore advise proper system to follow on the GST registration and regular filings with Government without any late fee or penalty from GST office.


Team CA Gst Return filings


Once GST registration granted, business must file its monthly GST return under GSTR-1 form.

The liability if any on the GST payment or input credit on the purchases must report with GSTR-3b.

We Team CA gst return filings provides comprehensive services on the GST return filings in Bangalore.

Our aim is to smooth process of the Gst return on time without any issues from Gst office on notices or late fee.


Team CA Gst Return process

Team Ca GST expert manage the end-to-end Gstr filings with Gst.gov.in. we have watertight process on the GST returns. From business, we required monthly sales, purchases details in the standard input template. Based on the input, we analysis, validate and then file with GST office.

For Gst registration, Gst return filing, Gst compliance Bangalore; reach team of Gst experts who help you to made the smooth journey in GST era.

Getting the best Trademark is not easy unless you have a competent Trademark agent, please try with us for trademark search at no charge!

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Ca for Brand and Trademark

Trademark Registration

getting new business by way of venturing the business with Branding is the most  successful sutra. we team CA trademark agency helps to get the Trademark registration and Startup India.

Team Ca Trademark


Team Ca trademark refers to branding of your business name. In India Trademark is governed by the Intellectual property Act. Any business wants to use the trademark must be registered with IP office.

The Trademark rights protect the business legally. This gives comfort to business to run their business and expand it without worry about the misuse of their brand.

We Team CA trademark agents are expert in the Trademark Act. We are assisting many business to enter into trademark registration.


Team Ca Trademarking analyze


As per guidelines from TM office; The Trademark must be unique, non-generic, non-existence, non-dictionary word. Hence, before applying must have thorough research.

We team of Trademark expert conduct wide research at IP trademark search India portal. We do similar name search, starting word search, search by the pronunciation too.

If the trademark search gives positive report, then only recommend business to go-ahead; else recommend making a unique name.

Registration of trademarks takes within 1 day from Team Ca Trademark office. If you’re looking good Trademark office in Bangalore, you must consult us.


Team Ca Trademark registration update


We do apply Trademark based on the below specific details:

  • Trademark name: example Bajaj, HeroHonda
  • Trademark descriptions or activities: example Automobiles
  • Trademark owner pan, aadhar, email id
  • Brand logo is an optional.

In India, many big businesses are already holding good Trademark. The new business who wish to apply trademark must do trademarking search to ensure not get rejected.

We Team CA office Trademarking Bangalore assist your business to get the Trademark quickly. Contact for team Ca Trademark Bangalore.

Your Company deserves it!

Ca services

Full time
Ca Cfo Service
Income Tax Planning and Filing
Ca tax Audit
& Tax Filings
Accounting Payroll Process
Ca Certification Service
Branding & Trademark
GST advisory services
Company Registration in bangalore

Getting Team Ca’s Cfo service is a win-win situation for Company. We take care of your Company’s accounting, payroll HRMS, taxation, and Filing with ease of business. we are happy to say, our CA Cfo has more chosen services. please try for no charge on Ca Cfo!

Reach team@teamindia.co.in +91 7019827351

What are the benefits of Team CA Cfo services?

Team Ca Professionals will take care of your Company

Taking care of our complex Company compliances is our mission in life, and we are here to make our clients better, sustinable, and happier promoters.

Book an appointment today and you will have a professionally managed and cheerful entrepreneur  tomorrow.

More than 300 Clients in Bangalore getting our Team CA service, please try for no charge!

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Happy clients
all around

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“What an amazing Ca service! It was a fabulous experience for my new company registration in bangalore and whole my team and all of that from my home. Thank you! it was great!”

Raghav N, Phoenix, Karnataka

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“We are usually get the services from other big4 with stress and tears, but Team Ca banglaore really loved the establishment setup and advisory on the post compliance process and was calm for the first time. I will definitely recommend.”

Cecilia Williams, Trent India, Bangalore

Team Ca helpline

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Experienced Ca manage your Company

Team CA is one of the most dynamic Ca office Bangalore. it has well established Chartered Accountants office (Ca) in Bangalore. we are into Ca practice Ca firm in Bengaluru. having 15 years of effective and planned process on the company registrations & Consulting Services.  We are trained CA and CS firm provides unique business experience to new promoters and the Company, Company registration service, Audit, Trademark, brand registration, certification, Labor law compliance, Roc and Mca filings.

Find our team CA, Company Registration, Income Tax Consultants, GST Consultants, CS Firm in Bangalore

We are Top Ca Firms in Bangalore, we are most preferred services provider and searched for Top ca and top Auditors in BangaloreTop CS in Bangalore, Company Registration Consultants in Bangalore, CS in Bangalore, Tax Consultants in Bangalore

We are happy to say, More than 300 Clients getting our Ca office service in Bangalore. please try for no charge on Ca Bangalore!

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Company Secretary

Prakasha & Co

Company Secretaries

team Ca


Ca Cloud System

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asked about the Company Audit and cA certification from Team CA. we have got quality and Excellent Ca services from Ca team Bangalore.

Our Team Ca services

Giving a One-stop Ca solution

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Check out Ca work

Below is our team Ca Anchor clients associated with us for many years., Trademarking the business with us try for no charge!

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We, Team, Ca believes best in direct interactions with our clients. we have a dedicated team CA to assist you always.  client satisfaction is our motto. please get with us for no fee!

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We help you success in your business you want

We are in Ca practice for more than a decade, we are happy to say, Many startups are getting Ca-related and Startup India services & prefer us. please try for no charge!

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Team CA office Bangalore, is one of the top Chartered Accountants firm provides sucess strategies to achive the desire results from business.

You can contact us for any requirements on the Company Registration,  Trademark, outsourcing of Accounts and Payroll, Ca service in Bengalore.

We have awarded from Karnataka State Govt. for the best MSME enablers from last 3 years.

Our Team is expert in Income tax planning, Legal issue and other company law.

We are always reachable and deliverable the best results.

find the Ca Google map, pls. visit once for a better understanding at no charge!

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