Trademark Filings Online in India

Trademark Filings Online in India

Trademark Registration online in India.

A Trademark is an Intellectual Property, which could be a Symbol or word or words, which can be “Legally registered or established” for use as a Company or Product. A ‘TM’ could be of any Distinctive Design, Sound, Graphics, Logo, Symbols, Words, or any combination thereof, that “Uniquely Identifies” a firm and/or its goods or services that guarantee the item’s genuineness and gives its owner the “Legal Rights” to prevent the trademark’s unauthorized use.

Why Should Register under Trade Mark?

If you don’t register your trademark, someone else will. This could immediately put your business and its products or services at serious risk. Securing a registered TM legally protects your brand, and provides you with the authority to prevent others from using similar symbols of your business. By getting your brand registered, you are legally entitled to all the rights to take appropriate actions against those who attempt to register conflicting names, or are operating with conflicting brands names similar to your business. As your product or service becomes to grow and succeed, the trademark will also start to develop an intrinsic value. Also, keep in mind that investors will seriously assess whether you have taken the appropriate legal protection to secure your brand. With the help of our Legal Team from, Team IN Filings and our excellent Trademark Registration and Protection Services, you can protect your Brand and experience growth and development of your business.

Value Addition services on Trade mark

To help you to protect your business, we’re doing Trademark Registration, advisory services for last 10 years, including how to:
  • Understand and advise to conceptualize the Brand
  • Leverage to make the uniqueness of the given trade name
  • Effectively advise about the protection of Brand from others to misuse
  • Promote the business and brand building
So, start your journey with us now and get your brand shining!

Why Company Register won’t protect?

In an industry, the name of the company registered as  Pvt, Ltd, LLP etc, which has legal sanctity, and it exists as a business a whole. while dealing products and services in the Industry, the Brand image or services shall be legally protected through separate registration under Trademark.
The only Legal option is, getting it registered it under Trade Mark Office. The registered trademark gives full legal protection from unauthorized usage.


Trademark Registration Cost

Government fee: Rs.4500/- under MSME scheme Our Fee is Rs.2000/- only. (There is no extra cost) Benefits under trademark, please Read Benefits under TM here If there is no MSME, Govt. fee is Rs. 9000., we will support getting the MSME certificate at a cost of Rs.1000, only. Team IN Filing provides Msme registration;

Benefits under Msme – Udyam certificate is given below:

  • Easy access of loan from banks and collateral free loan upto Rs.1 Cr
  • 50% concession on the IP Trade mark registration
  • 1% interest subsidy on the loan
  • Priority payment from the vendors dues
  • Priority on the e-procurement and tender on the govt. orders.
The time period to complete the Trademark registration is : 2 days from the date of receipt.  

Information Required For Registration of Trade Mark/ Service Mark

  • Name of the Company or Applicant
  • Name of the Director or authorized signatory
  • Company Address
  • Name of the contact person with designation
  • Nationality of the Applicant
  • Name of the trademark
  • Goods or Services in respect of which tm registered
  • Date of first use of the mark
  • Logo if any (not mandatory)

Trademark Renewal

Once in 10 years, Trademark can renewal it for another 10 years, if no renewal, it is open to common people to choose the trade name. We, Team-In trademark office located at Bengaluru, providing registration from many years across Karnataka. Kindly reach us for your business brand / Trademark. Team IN Filings, assists for many corporate services under one umbrella., for more services, click our home page Read Team IN Filings here For more about Trademark Registration in India, Contact, Mr. Satish C, IP Attorney Address: # 188, 1 Floor, B.T Pura, Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru 560092 8792858436 7019827351: visit our office at google map
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Our expert company secretary, tax consultant, CA, and Trademark agent provide Taxation, Registration for Companies Accounts Audit, Legal compliance, etc.

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