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Trademark Registration at Rs 2000 only (Prof. fee)

Trademark is a Brand name or identity mark. The Trademark may be in the form of word, design, phrase or symbol or mix of that all and it is legally differentiates it from all other products.

Registered Trademark provides legal protection from misuse of logo, words, numbers, device and even slogan.

Apart from Trademark and brand registration, Team In filings, also offers OPC and LLP registration in Bangalore.

Few common trademark mistakes in the Business

· Using some ones Name / deceptively similar name or brand in the business
· Believing that by registration of company or website the name of the business is protected
· Developing websites & new software without the software / development agreement
· Outsourcing some sort of copyright work without proper agreement i.e. website development
· Research and development for the invention without the patent primary application

Registration steps – Trademark in Bangalore, follows:

Trademark Registration Process

1. Trademark information Preparation

Our Trademark attorney will prepare the trademark application details for your business based on your details shared.

We will prepare your application based on the information given.

2. Sharing the draft format with client.

For your review, we will share the draft confirmation, once the draft ready, we go for final submission.

3. Trademark Filing

When, the trademark application is ready with POA signed by you, we can file it with the Trademark office. Once,

the application is filed with the Registrar you can start using the TM symbol in your business.

4. Trademark Application status.

After, the trademark application filed, you can check the status at IP address

Track your Trademark status online

You can track your status in the Trademark Registry in the following manner:

Step 1: Click Here
Step 2: Click on the Trademark Application / Registered Mark on the left side
Step 3: Click on the National/IRDI Number
Step 4: Enter your application number given……. and enter the “captcha” code as displayed and click View
Step 5: Click on the Trade Mark No………..

Trademark search report

Our IP expert, make sure that your trademark application is at no point rejected due to similarity to other trademarks. Our advisory services on trademark teach you: best practices to avoid trademark infringement. So, it reduces the chances of objection or rejection. Trademark Filing and make Brand as Registration will help you to acquire exclusive legal rights over your brand usage and protect it

Trademark Bangalore, delivers best services as given below:

Filing and registration of trademark

preparing response to trademark objections

filing opposition

replying to each opposition

attend the hearing through legal counsel

Registration of your Trademark

We provide, detailed search report, which are quite similar to the new trade name, which is going to be registered., so that you can take concise decision to adopt the brand or trade name before applying with Register of trademark. for more read about the Trademark

Trademark Renewal – once in 10 years.
All trademarks shall be renewed once in 10 years, non-renewal lead to removal of the trade name from Registrar.

Our expert Team in Trademark, protect your trade name with suitable mechanism.

Pls, make best use of your brand protection and connect with Team IN Filings for further guidelines.

Let’s start journey with Team IN Filings, Bangalore for your Brand or Trademark Registaration.

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