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TradeMark Registration in Bangalore

The Trademark or brand name uniquely identifies the Business Brand or product. It differentiates your business product or services from other ordinary people.

The registered Trademark in Bangalore gives you the legal power to protect your business brand from misuse by others.

We strongly advise businesses in Bangalore to register their Trademark as and when the idea is conceived to give them goodwill for more extended period.

Important steps in Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Since the registered Trademark gives you full legal rights for the usage of your Brand, so you must choose the unique Trade Name which shall not imitate or resemble the well-known trademarks or brands.

The critical aspect of a Trademark is the creation of a unique Trademark.

Steps to choose the correct Trademark for Registration Bangalore

We always suggest clients select the Trademark which can easily register and is capable of enforcing against misuse by others.

Before applying for the Trademark, we have preliminary checks; below are.

·         Search by the beginning of words

·         Search by containing words

·         Search by phonetically similar names

Once we check all this and find no matching, we can advise clients to proceed to the next.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

There are multiple benefits to trademark registration in India. Mainly are given below.

·         It gives legal rights against misuse of your brand name.

·         Trademark highlights your business as a brand

·         Trademark gives you goodwill to your business

·         Trademark helps you to expand your business easily

·         Trademark attracts investors to your business

·         Trademark provides a good image in the mind of the consumer

Importance of Trademark Registration in Bangalore

An unregistered trademark may damage your business reputation and hinder the development of your Brand. Any competitor may be able to use or misuse your business name or register a trademark confusingly similar to yours and mislead consumers.

This type may damage your business and impact the overall of your Company.

Trademark Registration documents Requirements

·         First Classification of Trademark

·         Identify the correct TM Class.

·         We get the Confirmation on the Trade Name or Logo or Both to be filed.

·         Execution of TM-Authorization (POA) form

·         Online Filing of TM with Authority.

·         Obtain Acknowledgement from TM Registry

·         Start using ™ along with Name.

TM office Review of your Trademark at Chennai

·         Examination by TM Registry

·         Objection from TM Registry (if any)

·         Registration of Trademark by TM Registry

·         Start using ® with absolute rights.

Procedure for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

With the help of expert Trademark agents from Team IN, you will get the best Trademark Registration and Protection service; you can protect your business name, build a Brand name and experience the growth and development of your business.

·         We collect the Trade name and objective of the business

·         We evaluate the Trade name and update the chances of availability

·         We collect a few details like pan, aadar, logo, etc.

·         Finally, file for Trademark Registration.

Once you submit the above details, our Team will process the Trademark application for Registration and issue you the Trademark acknowledgment.

Fees & Time for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Team completes most Company’s Trademark Registration in Bangalore IN Filings.

The cost and time involved have been given on approximate basis only.

·         For Company: our fee is Rs.3000 plus Govt. fee, Time: 2 working days.

·         For Proprietorship Busines: fee is Rs.2500 plus Govt. fee, Time: 2 working days.

Brand Registration within one day

We have an excellent track record on Brand Registration in Bangalore

You will get your Brand registered within one day. You can start using TM next to your brand name.

Trademark Registration Online in Bangalore

All the Trademarks shall be applied online. Once the Trademark is finalized, we will collect the below documents from the applicant.

  • Power of Authorization(POA) on the Rs.20 e stamp
  • Applicant Brand Logo image in Jpg format (optional)
  • Any other instructions from the applicant

Once we have all those, we will apply at IP India online and get you the receipt.

Trademark final registration and Renewal at Bangalore

Trademark final approval takes at-least 6months from the date the applicant submits. However, you can use the TM from the date of application submitted.

Trademark approval steps at Chennai

Once we submit the Trademark application, the IP office verifies and initiates the next steps. Below are the steps from the Trademark office about your new application:

·         Auto evaluation from the IP system

·         Manual check and found order, then to be released for public review

·         If there is no objection from the public within-2 months, then the final order will be released

·         If there is any objection in between the process, then it takes a minimum of 3 years to process

Why is Team Trademark different?

Our expert team does the proper search and evaluation, suggesting the best option to finalize.

We have a quick process of Registration with a benchmark fee.

We do quick checks on the Trademark process

·         Search & Evaluation of your given Trademark

·         Document receipt from you

·         Making a payment to Trademark Office

·         Handover the Trademark acknowledgment within one day

The Team In filings Bangalore based Trademark associates firm and professionals practicing from last 10+ years in Bangalore, providing host of services including Trademark registration, Trademark objection filing, Trademark hearing etc,

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Find your Team IN Filings Trademark Registration consultant to get your New brand fast and efficiently with our Team member and get an expert advice to help you with Brand or Logo registration advise, Trademark renewal update.

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