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About the DIN Kyc

Their is a recent change in MCA’s DIN KYC with notification from 29/Aug/2022. As it mandates all the din holder to update their local police station while submit their KYC details in e-Form DIR 3 KYC this year.


MCA Latest Update in Form DIR-3 KYC on 29 August 2022

“As-per recent amendment from Ministry of Corporate, All the Director KYC must be filed along with name of their local police station name.

  • MCA vide Gazette notification no S.R. 662(E) issued on 29/Aug/2022. As per the notification, DIN KyC’s the director e-form DIR-3KYC and web form DIR-3KYC must be filed without late fee till 30/Sept/2022, and also, as per the revision on the E forms , directors are required to provide additional information with respect to Jurisdictional Police Station in the Address Column of the form. The due date for 3KYC ends on  30th Sept 2022.”

 Who Needs to File e-Form DIRECTOR KYC?

According to MCA recent announcements, directors of the Private Limited, LLP, other corporate entities Director are required to submit his KYC details to the MCA if they meet the below-mentioned conditions:

  • DIN has been allotted to them by or on 31st March 2012
  • DIN is in approved status
  • Inactive and disqualified DIN also to be filed along with late fee of Rs.5000

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Importance while filing e-Form DIR-3 KYC

  • As a Director you have to give your personal mobile number and email id while filing this e-form.
  • As a Director, you have to give your digital signatures for filing this e-Form
  • As a Director, your KYC e-Form shall be certified by a Company Secretary in Practice

Two Types of KYC Filing

Update the KYC Via e-Form DIR-3

For the first time KYC to directors, shall use the E form Dir-3, to file their KYC.

Update KYC via Web Services of DIR-3

If the KYC is for other then first time, can use the web services via MCA V 3 version, MCA has given access in there new version V3, to update the KYC if there is no changes of the director information.

Due Date of KYC and Charges for Filing DIR 3 KYC

The current year 2022, the last date to file for KYC is 30th Sept 2022.

If you fails to file the e-Form by the above due dates, your DIN number marked as ‘Deactivated due to Non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’ by the department. In such cases, the director can re-activate his DIN by filing the missed out e-Form DIR-3 KYC after paying a late fine of INR 5,000.

Due Date of KYC :

E-Form Purpose of Form Timeline Last Date to File Remark
DIR-3 KYC KYC of Directors Yearly Filings 30th September 2022 Director who has the DIN as on 31st March 2022 and who has not filed DIR 3 KYC form previously
DIR-3 KYC Web KYC of Directors Yearly Filings 30th September 2022 Director who have previously filed form DIR-3 and there is no change in email id and mobile number.

List of documents to File DIR 3 KYC

  • Director Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Director Passport (compulsory only director is from foreign nationality)
  • Aadhaar card
  • Personal Mobile and personal Email ID
  • Proof of Residential address like Bank statement or mobile/ telephone bill.

Apart from above, you need to give the below also:

  • Director DSC (digital signature) to be shared with your CS
  • All the forms to be attested by CS in practice

Process checklist to File DIR 3 KYC Form

Step 1: Download the form from

  • MCA provides e-form dir-3 for KYC, it has to be downloaded to prepare the validation

Step 2: Fill in the Director DIN particulars

  • All the personal information as per PAN record must fill in the KYC form
  • If your/Director DIN is in in-active, then can file the form after the prescribed due date by paying late filing charges

Step 3: give the Required Details in the DIR- 3 KYC

Name as per PAN data base & Relevant details

The director must give his first name & last name and also the first & last name of his father. Few points to be kept in mind asper pan data base:

  • Your director must enter his name which is mentioned in his PAN database
  • Address furnished in the form will be authenticated with the PAN database
  • Surname, first name Single alphabets, Acronyms, and Short forms are not permitted


  • A director needs to declare his nationality like Indian.


Director Age Declaration

For holding directorship, one must have completed 18 years. So director must enter his date of birth (DOB) in the DD/MM/YYYY as per with Pan data base.

Director Address update

A director must mandatorily enter his permanent and present residential address and attach proof of permanent address like his bank statement, telephone or mobile bill.


Step 4: PAN Verification with above information

PAN verification is mandatory based on the entered details of First name, last name of a director and when we click on the ‘Verify income-tax PAN’ button. Then, the MCA system verifies the details of the director data with PAN data base.

Kindly Note: If the Dir3 form given information matches with PAN database on the director first name, last name, date of birth, gender etc, then it gets authenticated successfully.

Step 5: Update director Mobile and email to Verify OTP

  • Your director must give his personal mobile number and e-mail address, which gets verified through an OTP
  • The OTP shall be entered within time period and also, you can generate the OTP for a maximum period of 10 times/day and two times in the gap of 30 minutes

CS Attestation on the below documents

Below-mentioned documents must be attested by CS before upload KYC form.

  • Proof of Permanent address like Aadhar or DL
  • Proof of present address like bank statement or mobile telephone bill

Note: Any other attachments must be digitally signed by the director

Step 6: pre-scrutiny of e-Form

After all those above, DIN kyc form gets authenticated. That means after DSC signed by a a Company Secretary and director, forms gets validated for final process.


Procedure after e-form submission

Step 7: SRN Generation for KYC

After OTP authenticated, KYC form will be submitted to MCA portal, an SRN is generated and allotted to the user for future use correspondence with the MCA as a proof of KYC done.

Step 8: Email communication on the KYC

Your director will receive an email from Mca that your DIN number has been successfully filed. This is an acknowledgement for the DIN has been filed

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