Filing Income Tax

filing tax

Filing Income Tax

For Filing Income tax in India

Filing income tax in India is a yearly reporting system to the income tax office.

The details of the person’s various Incomes are to be summarized in a specified format given by the Income-tax office in various forms like ITR-1 for salaried, ITR 3 for proprietorship, and ITR 6 for companies like that.


If you’re an employee and your salary is below Rs. 50 Lac a year, you can use ITR-1 to file your income tax in India.


Applicability of Income Tax filing in India

As a responsible person, if your net Income from all sources exceeds the fundamental limit of Rs.2.5Lac a year, you must file your return.

If you’re running a Business, your net Income attracts tax from 15 to 25% based on the Company’s status.

Income Tax returns e-filing.

Income tax returns e-filing shall be filed using the link online only.

Before getting into e filing; you must do the summary of the following:

·        Net income workings from all the sources

·        Review of your 26as

·        Verify your indirect incomes and the details with 26as etc.


Filing Income Tax at the website www income tax

The income tax office is given the portal called, which is the only portal to be used to file your income tax return.

The income tax system provides various reports like your annual information (AIS), TDS and related Income in 26AS, your  GST report, etc.

Before doing the Income tax return, you can extract the various reports from the income tax website and review them with your summarized details to reconcile

Income Tax filing applicability in India

Income tax return filing is applicable only if your Net Income is above the basic limit (for 2022, the individual basic limit is Rs.2,50,000).



if you want to claim your excess TDS made also, you must file your income tax return with the income tax office.


if you have sold any property or purchased any property that comes under capital gain.


if you have substantial Income from other resources like rental Income, Income from other people, etc.,


Income Tax return verification in India

Income tax verification is confirmation from your side for final submission to the Income tax office:

It can be done using an aadhar mobile number, Net banking mode, or sending the signed ITR to CPC Bangalore.


·        If your mobile has been linked with Aadhar, then you can verify it instantly

·        If you have a net banking facility, you can also verify your return.

·        If you have a Demat account, you can verify your return online.


Income Tax verification from Department

Once your Income tax has been verified, it goes to the Central processing center for validation.

After successful validation, you will receive the assessment order for either zero tax or any demand or defective return.


If no tax assessment means nothing is to be done for you.

If there is any tax liability, you must verify, and if you find any mismatch, you can file a revised return.

If any defective return has been notified, then you have to revise the return within 30 days.



Income tax is a complex system; it keeps changing yearly based on the yearly budget.



So, to have a proper process in hand, you must take advice from tax experts, and we shall have a Qualified and experienced tax consultant to advise on the matter diligently. Team IN Filings, Income tax services are friendly and professional. You can manage your tax system effectively faster and easier.

File your ITR using pan and PW

Filing your Income Tax return is entirely online. And it is a simple step and can be done by using your computer at your home for easy with Team in filing, steps:

·        Provide the basic details like pan card, and form 16 by emailing us

·        Our Team IN will review and update the net income computation

·        Once you confirm the above, we can file the income return online

·        We will share your ITR filed receipt or acknowledgment.

Income Tax filing last date

Every income tax filing ends once we file and collect the receipt.

Once we file your ITR, you will be notified from dontoreply from <; with Income tax filed acknowledgment.

The due date for Salaried employees individuals: 31st July.

The due date for : is 30th September.

Income Tax return filing benefits.

Income tax return filing provides many benefits, namely:


·        You can claim your Refund for excess tax collected from you (TDS)

·        Income tax return gives the banks and others your proof of Income, which helps you to raise the loan or funding for your , new house, etc.

·        Easy to get Visa and other services

·        It gives you peace of mind from tax obligations



ITR filing Requirement for Income tax in India:

If you’re an Individual / Salaried person, 

then you need to provide the below


Form 16 and your Income tax login

If you have investments/ savings not considered in your Company, you must also provide that.

Any other income like Interest from Bank, capital gain, etc.


If you’re a businessmen then,

Your  Gst information,

Bank statement

Books and bank statements for review.



Income tax return methodology to finalize

Every year, Income tax return filing is a must.

Once the financial year ends, that is after the year-ending on 31st March, we need to prepare your net income report as follows:

·        Review your books, Gst, 26as, Bank, etc.

·        Preparation of your Profit or Loss statement

·        Balance sheet and Cash-flow report

·        Net income computation from various heads of Income

·        Payment of Tax, if any

·        File the return with an income tax from India



Time duration of the Income-tax return in India.

Income tax filings are online. All must file through e-filing only.

Once we receive all those documents and information from you, we need to prepare the various reports and reconcile the details with 26as, AIS, etc., to file with the Income-tax portal. This can be done within two days of the information received.




A proper income tax return plan always helps you.


The Government announced various exemptions and deductions regarding income tax payments.

If you make the best use of the available tax provisions, you can minimize the tax outgoing zero upto the Income of Rs.10Lac a year. And comply with the income tax rules without getting a problem from the Income tax office.

You can read our article make zero tax up-to 10 Lac:


We, Team IN Filings, provide ITR filing, tax planning, and tax advisory services for Individuals, Salaried persons, es, etc.


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Faq on the Income tax filing

  How to file an income tax return?

Step 1: Log in to the income tax filing portal using your Pan number as your user ID and password.

Step 2: On your Dashboard, click e-File > Income Tax Returns > File Income Tax Return.

Step 3: Select Assessment Year as 2021 – 22 and click Continue.

Step 4: Select ITR 1 for salary or ITR 3 for proprietorship like that,

Step 5: fill-up all the required details, review the information and finally submit it to the Income-tax office.

Step 6: Verify the return online using your Aadhar OTP to finalize the income tax return filing


  How to file income tax returns online for salaried employees?


  1. You can log in to, then > Income Tax Returns > File Income Tax Returns.
  2. Select the applicable Assessment Year, i.e., AY 2022-2023, for filing tax returns for the FY 2021-2022 and mode of filing, i.e., Online, and then click on Continue.
  3. Select your ITR form type, i.e., ITR-1.(for salary cases, ITR 1 is for the salary income upto 50Lac, if your Income is above 50Lac, then ITR 2 shall be filed.)
  4. Fill up the required details, verify the details with your 26as, AIS, etc., and then submit the return.
  5. Once you submit the return, you can verify it using your aadhar otp.


  How to file income tax returns online?


Income-tax return submission is online; you can file by sending the physical documents to income-tax.

Once you have all the details, you can directly log in to the system, where you can choose the suitable form (ITR forms), fill in the details, review it, and finally submit it.

How to file income tax?


The income tax file is online; you can log in to the e-portal, use the suitable form based on your Income, fill up the details, review the pre-filled details from income tax, verify them, and submit them.

How to upload JSON files in the income tax portal?


The JSON file is an offline prepared file to be attached while filing your ITR

Some of the income-tax forms are lengthy and difficult to manage online; there, we can use the JSON file upload, here the JSON report is prepared using offline software, namely winman, Saral, etc., and then finalize the report and finally uploaded the JSON file by attaching offline option.

Who is not required to file an income tax return?


As per Income-tax rules, if you’re a salaried person and your net Income is below Rs.250,000 a year, then you need to file the ITR.

If you are not a director of any company or are not holding any substantial  transactions, then you do not need to file your income tax return in India.




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