Income Tax Return?

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Income Tax Return?

Every person, whose taxable income is above the limit, shall file his IT Return every year before the due date. So if you want to file your Income Tax return and you belong from Bangalore, Karnataka, then this is the exact team where you can file your tax with the help of our expert chartered accountants.  We are providing the best CA services regarding Income Tax Return Filing in Bangalore, so you don’t have to worry about Chartered Accountants in Bangalore and you don’t have to pay more fees to third parties for ITR filing. All types of ITR Forms like ITR1ITR2ITR3ITR4ITR5ITR6, and ITR7 is now possible to file easily with associated members of Team IN Bangalore. File your tax return before 31st December 2021 to avoid penalty.

Most trusted CA service in Bangalore

Quick review and submission of Income Tax-related documents Our Executive will verify and submit the documents to the Tax portal Acknowledgement and computation details will be shared with you by our executive We are the most reliable and best tax preparation service over the years.

The broad areas of practice are

  • Obtaining the Registration, PAN, TAN
  • Income Tax Planning and IT Return filing for individuals and corporates.
  • Rectification refund and other Income-tax processes
  • Obtaining Lower Tax Certificate
  • E-TDS return filing
  • Attending scrutiny assessment
  • Drafting appeals and appearing before the CIT
  • Conducting Tax Audit and submission of Audit Report
  • Issue of Certification for repatriation of funds from India
  • Tax planning and tax consultancy for Resident as well as Non-Resident assesses
Here’s what you need to keep in mind before you file your return. The due date for filing Income Tax Returns for AY 2021-22 is 31st December 2021.
  1. you can check form 26AS for the TDS details
  2. refer to the Form 16 details to cross-check with 26AS
  3. refer the annual information system (AIS)
  4. check the compliance portal for any pending issues.

The required documents for IT filing are:

copy of the PAN card copy of the AADHAR Form 16 or 16A (if you are a salaried person) Bank Statement for business income Income Tax Login password Other than that, it depends on which income you are leviable to pay. Check ITR1 here the details of the documents needed for filing Income Tax Returns in India

tax filing benefits

Seamless processing of loans from financial institutions asks for ITR copy of the previous years Claiming IT Refunds – Any individual can claim a tax refund from the Department by filing ITR Easy visa processing- ITR receipt is vital to process visa applications.

Consequences of not filing ITR

  1. You will not be able to file a return after 31, March 2022 for FY 2020-21
  2. You may receive income tax notice if you fall in the taxable income
  3. If the motive of non-filing of ITR is seen to be tax evasion; then the consequence shall still be severe
  4. The late filing fee of Rs. 10000 will apply,
  5. Interest under section 234A of the Income-tax Act would apply at the rate of 1% pm for the tax amount that remains to be paid
For more about ITR filings, please click Tax filig detailes here
MCA extended the AGM due date till 30th Nov 2021. We at Team IN Filings., Bangalore help the entities in the above areas of Income Tax law. We are providing error-free Income tax services to Individuals, Professionals, Companies, firms, proprietors, etc. In case you need these services, we would be glad to assist you. Please write to
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