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form 11 LLP due date FY 2021-22 -30/05/2022

The annual return is a detailed report of the business filings with the Ministry of Corporate affairs.

All the Company, LLP registered under MCA, should submit within the due date given.


LLP Annual filing

LLP’s regular Compliance filings with the department are mandatory to all LLPs. The Companies Act, 2013 and LLPs registered under the LLP Act, 2008 must file their annual returns with the ROC.

the IT Department’s mandated, to file the ITR.

the Non-compliance leads to attracting penalty and prosecution.

LLP Annual Compliance Calendar FY 2021-22.

Description & Forms Dates
Partner’s DIN KYC Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 September 2022
Annual Return – Form 11 Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 May 2022
Statement of Accounts -Form 8 Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 October 2022
Income-tax Return ITR-7 Due Date for FY 2021-22 31st  July 2022



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