Roc Filing Due Date FY 2021-22

Roc Filing due date FY 2021-22

The Private Companies, Limited Companies annual return is a detailed reporting system with the Ministry of corporate affairs. All the companies Registered up to 31 December 2021, should submit their annual return as per the due date mentioned below in this article.  

Mgt 7 Form

Mgt 7 is an e-form provided by Mca. All Private Limited companies and Limited Companies shall comply as per the rules laid by Companies Act, governed by the Ministry of corporate affairs and the rules framed there under the Co Act, 2013. It must file its annual return in the form of Mgt 7 with ROC.  

Aoc 4 form.

Aoc 4 is also the e form, which shall consist of the details of financial information and other details to be submitted in the electronic form to Roc. All the companies, irrespective of their turnover, must file the audited financials with the ROC. The Aoc 4 mainly contains, Audited financials, Directors Report, Mgt-9 etc. The business financials need to file with IT department. The Non-compliance leads to attracting penalties and prosecution.  

Roc filing FY 2021-22

MSME Form Due Date for FY 2021-22  Half Yearly form for outstanding Payment to MSME 30 April 2022 and 31 October 2022
DPT-3 Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 June 2022
AOC-4 Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 October 2022
MGT-7 Due Date for FY 2021-22 29 November 2022
MGT-7A Due Date for FY 2021-22 29 November 2022
Din KYC DIR-3 KYC Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 September 2022
MGT-14 Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 October 2022
ADT-1 Due Date for FY 2021-22 14 October 2022
Form PAS-6 Due Date for FY 2021-22 30 May 2022 and 29 November 2022
Income-tax Return ITR-7 Due Date for FY 2021-22 31st  Oct 2022
    For any further support  on Roc filings on the Roc filings on Aoc 4 Roc filing due date Mgt 7 due date Aoc 4 form or clarification on the company compliance calendar, reach us at or call us at +91 7019827351   From: Team IN Filings No 188/1, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore 560092
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