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Salary income tax

Salary income tax FY 2023-24 Budget update

The latest budget 2024 update for the Financial Year 2023-24 has brought important changes to the tax structure for employees’ salary income. These updates are aimed at providing relief to taxpayers and simplifying the tax filing process. Some of the key changes include an increase in the Rebate, increase in the standard deduction, changes in tax slabs, and revisions in Leave encashment exemptions . Additionally, several new tax provisions have been introduced to encourage savings and investment. These updates will impact the salary income of employees and it is important to stay informed and plan accordingly. Employers and employees alike should take note of these changes and seek professional guidance if needed, to ensure compliance and optimal tax savings


CA is a partner to Business Team IN Filings, The Chartered Accountancy (CA) office is one of the most respected and sought-after professions in the business world. Our Chartered Accountants

Employee PF and Its Importance

Employee provident funds, or EPF, are a good way to save for retirement and have a substantial sum saved for retirement. In addition, they are

Gst Registration

The GST Adjustments for FY 2021-22

The GST Adjustments for FY 2021-22:What You Need To Be aware The GSTR-1 return and the GSTR-3B return for October 2022 due in November is

Proprietorship Business

Proprietorship Business A sole-ownership or single-ownership business is known as a sole proprietorship. It’s among India’s oldest and most traditional types of business structures. It’s

Proprietorship Bangalore

Proprietorship Bangalore The proprietorship business setup in Bangalore is easy to go. As the sole-ownership or single-ownership business is not required any specific registration from

Gst Return Filing

Gst Return Filing Gst Return filing is a summarized report filed with the Department of Gst department.   You shall file Gst returns regardless of

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